Apr 20, 2023
Life has so many forms. I believe in reincarnation. If you could come back into this world as an animal and live a simpler existence which animal would you be? Would you choose to be a predator or a prey for obvious reasons? Why not the king of the savannah, the mighty lion? Do we even have a choice in what life we choose to live? Is it that great to be a human being? Do you consider lessor forms of life inferior or could they serve as a punishment for your past existence? Life just seems to be infinite. You never know what other solar systems have life.
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wandering ghost (he/him)
Apr 19, 2023
i dont have a specific organism id want to be reincarnated as, but out of curiosity id love to know what being a butterfly/moth is like. especially the metamorphosis. i wonder if it's painful, digesting itself inside a cocoon. i wonder if finally emerging out of its cocoon feels euphoric. and the short life span is something i envy. it seems so simple just being born to eat, transform, breed and die. and if i get eaten by a bird, at least it's a quick enough death, and id be feeding another life. thats something ive always thought was weird when it comes to how humans treat the dead. its such a waste of resources to bury so many people and almost immortalise them. id rather just have my body be used by the earth in some way, and let my existence just cease entirely to make way for another life if that makes sense. i dont want to be remembered, i dont need to be remembered.

in terms of "lessor" forms of life, i wouldnt know how to consider a life lessor, or if there even is such a thing as lessor or greater life. every life serves some kind of purpose. if anything id consider humans a lessor form of life because of how much we don't serve the earth, we just serve ourselves. and the way we've societally formed our idea of a purpose doesnt fit so many people, and leaves many without a purpose, myself included. i wonder if our level of consciousness is a death sentence. it's an interesting thing to think about, but leaves so many more questions than answers.


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Apr 13, 2023
There is no "you" after death