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Mar 22, 2018
I failed my attempt about a week ago. The meds I got in the hospital were actually helping me deal with life and motivated me to take care of things. I was going to try and see if I could forge a path for myself in this chaos we call a world. I was going to at least try.

Today, my mom told me I have 30 days to gtfo.

I have absolutely nowhere to go. I won't even be able to live in my car because the insurance lapses next month. I am giving up.

I need help with my method, and I don't want to post on reddit and get the new sub banned. I hope this is allowed here. Please advise if you can.
I will be able to get 30mg Klonopin
and have 5mg Ativan left-
Is this enough if taken with copious amount of alcohol?

Thank you all.

Edit: I have sedative antipsychotics I can throw into the mix too. I still want to pass out and drown myself, so the aim is to ingest enough to pass out and drown, not enough to od.
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Mar 20, 2018
With the mild experience I do have with methods I would strongly advise against that route. There are far better methods that require even easier to obtain items with a more positive outcome chance than od(less suffering for you). Especially with alcohol being a strong factor you're looking at a possibly pretty rough time. I highly recommend checking out the resource list at the head of this forum section. The lost all hope link has a very good straightforward layout on success/amount of suffering statistics on various methods. Again, do not take my info 100% and do as much research as you can handle. Hopefully someone with a little more input can chime in for ya. Best wishes and gl.


Mar 17, 2018


Apr 25, 2018
This is all great advice if you are sure you want to CTB. If you are not 100% sure (you sound so young and panicked), there are other options until you are sure. Obviously your mom has some reason for what she is doing (I hope), try talking to her and compromising...or a homeless shelter temporarily. Just don't feel that this is your only option. Take some time to think about it first. Thank goodness she gave you 30 days, I was given 4 days once (not from a parent). I panicked and made bad decisions, 30 days would have helped me alot.

Whatever you decide, I wish you luck. Not trying to talk you out of it, just letting you know there are options IF you are not sure.
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