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Do you prefer the MH building to be discreet or not?

  • Discreet

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • Non-discreet

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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hey life! đź–• đź–• right back at ya!
Jul 1, 2020
My psychiatrist recently moved into a new building. He went from a building with a little bit of anything to a building thats just him, with "psychiatry" written by the door. Like dude...i dont need people knowing im insane. Walking in here, never looks good. On top of that, anxiety is top 3, meaning most the people you deal with are going to have anxiety, is this really a good idea?

And to top it off the building looks like a house.

I feel uncomfortable walking into "someones house"
I feel uncomfortable with everyone knowing what im doing
I feel uncomfortable that its completely unknown and i have no idea what it looks like beyond the door

This move sounds like a good way to ensure people dont get help only ensuring the suicide rate goes higher. And youre suppose to be helping?? because ive been fighting to not cancel my appointment.


Apr 18, 2022
You’d think someone employed in mental health services would give a little more thought to that. I can see wanting some kind of sign so people know they’re in the right place (having it just be a house and being unsure about being in the right place would be a lot personally)but “psychiatry” is also really uncomfortable. Maybe if they’d named their business something more nondescript then they could have that on the sign so the building is easily marked but the purpose isn’t. I can completely see how that would become a barrier for you.


Jan 24, 2021
If given a choice, I definitely prefer discreet, but I have found that I give less and less of a shit that people know as I have gotten older. Odds are, they've been there at some point too or wish they had (rather than, say, self-medicating).
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