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Jul 2, 2018
"'That is the most saddening and shocking thing,' Professor Lee said. 'When you talk about suicide, if you look at the general profile of people who commit suicide, it is people who are old, unemployed and not economically active.

'But if you look at charcoal-burning suicide victims, they are economically productive. They are working. They have no mental illness. They are like everyone on the street but they are not very smart at looking after their money.

'When the economic climate shifted, the balance tilted and they ran a downhill course until the whole thing got out of hand. It is a great loss to society because, had these people not killed themselves, they would have continued to contribute to the prosperity of Hong Kong.'""

Yeah just see people as slaves who make you money, anti-suicide my ass


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Apr 9, 2018
He basically says "these people worked, it's a sad loss to society", and "if you don't work, fuck you, we won't miss you". It seems like working is all we are good for, throw the rest of the slaves into the pit.


Jun 16, 2018
Surprised that when I looked more into "charcoal burning suicide in hong kong" all the first page results didn't get more recent than 2007; this article was published in 2005 which is why I began looking. Wonder why


Jul 8, 2018
Charcoal-burning suicide has been around long before she even CTB. Shouldn't really be crediting the invention of it to her, nor should they be blaming suicide contagion on her. If people wanna die, they should be allowed to die and supported in their decision, but the dead can't pay taxes and make horrible indentured servants, so screw that, right?
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