Mar 11, 2020
Like what the hell, all this webpages out there that make big money out of subscriptions and ad-revenue and all that jazz and yet they are a convoluted mess and here everytime I come back here every few months the design has totally changed and is prettier everytime.


Dec 9, 2020
I'm a graphic designer myself, and I'm new here so I really don't know whether the design has been improving or not. What I can say though, is that I'm pleasantly surprised by how the people designed this website. When I first heard about pro-choice suicide forums, I thought they would look sketchy and horrible, but not at all! Sure, this isn't the best design I've seen and I can only rate it as mediocre, but it's definitely way better than I expected.
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existence is a nightmare
Aug 25, 2020
I'm glad you guys like it. I think it's cool too.
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Deleted member 1465

Jul 31, 2018
There are other boards that use the same forum template, but there are some nice tweaks here and some real effort made. There is very good functionality generally, which lends itself to the eloquent expression of views. I use the old 2019 theme because I prefer the level of function; I feel that some of the latest design ever so slightly gets in the way of the functionality I've become used to. The 2020 themes looks nicer, but I don't find them as easy to use. I believe that design is an adjunct to function first and foremost.
Personally, I'd really like the avatars to support PNG transparency on the profile page, so that my circular avatar can overlap the banner. But I'm picky AF, so hey. :love: