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Big pharma got to me
Aug 10, 2023
And it is this exact same one. Most probably. You and I are nothing special. Just random particles bundled together in a body. Roaming in the universe. We all come from the same source and we will return to it. We are the products of big bang, we are energy. We will be swept away by the universe and will roam in it as tiny atoms until this universe cools down and all stars etc are destroyed. Then when everything ends there will be another big bang which will create a new universe with probably the same characteristics again. Meaning i will get poisoned by ciprofloxacin and mirtazapine and take my own life again at the age of 36. Great. Been watching lots of videos of the universe and this is pretty much agreed in that there will be another big bang in a very distant future after out universe ends. Enjoy...