Nov 24, 2020
Hello everyone. Let me just say I'm glad I found this forum. I have been heavily contemplating recently and I now have the means to go through with it(SN). However, I was curious how far any other people have gone with planning out when it comes to things like belongings, finances, and debt. I have a car that is not paid off and have no means to do so.I owe roughly 14.5kusd.I'm not sure what would come of that if I were to CTB tonight. Was selling any belongings ever part of a plan to make it slightly easier on the ones you left behind? This is coming from a person that has never attempted but my mom, who I live with, knows about my depression and suicidal thoughts. This would obviously postpone my ability to go tonight due to having to post my couple guitars that I have and MANY tools I own for sale. I'm confident I could get enough to pay off other credit debts with these things but the car is the one I question. ALSO, have any of you considered clearing all hard drives you own on all devices and trying to erase your "data fingerprint"?
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Nov 16, 2019
I think it's very thoughtful that you are considering the financial consequences of your decision. With regard to the secured asset (car) the bank would just repossess the vehicle or it could be returned to a dealership if it were a lease. (I've done that before)

Obviously your credit profile will not after you are deceased so this isnt a problem. With regard to some of the tools and/or guitars you may want to consider the sentimental value of those items for your loved ones.

If I go, I'm just going to try to leave a couple grand in an envelope so my dad doesnt have to cover the costs of the cremation.
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