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Mar 21, 2018
Including announcements, farewells, methods, everything that is life and accompanies the path to ending ones.

Such places are somewhat hard to come by. The overwhelming majority of "pro choice" boards and communities hide behind legal scares and oppressive ToS's, lying to themselves and their users about what they really are: simple support groups.
There is no suicide to be found. It's a taboo, like everywhere else. Neatly packaged away and hidden behind a wrapping of rules and don'ts, to "keep" a place that stopped existing the minute they destroyed it in the name of security and stability.

It's good to know that there are places where one can simply be oneself. Without having to hold back. To mince words. To see getting deleted in what one has poured ones heart and soul into. To get banned because of age, or questions, or simply for being wrong. Non-fitting.

So thanks, again. For a place as open and honest as this one.
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