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Aponia & Ataraxia

Aponia & Ataraxia

Jun 24, 2018
Once every few quiet nights, in vicinity of the sleeping hour I receive an ephemeral shot of bliss and visceral sensations: One day very soon I'll be taking the best siesta of my entire existence, an infinite & unlimited sea of Ataraxia, of which there will exist 0 associated debts to wakefulness. To go to sleep and simply be spared from a state of wakefulness ever again... such an experience might just be the highest leisure, thrill, and bliss physically available to conscious beings of Homo sapiens origin. The brief, heightened awareness of the attainability & proximity of this experience floods my body chiefly with the sensations of butterflies-in-the-stomach & weakness-at-the-knees... reminiscent of some far-removed and isolated moments ingrained within my world line, somewhere near 14 revolutions of age. Ephemeral as lightning, the visceral Ataraxia dissipates back into the void as quickly as it had emerged: "I'll see you soon, but our brief visits must be used very sparingly in the meantime," it whispers in a protective tone.

"I know too, that death is the only god who comes when you call" ~ Roger Zelazny

The "peak experiences" as described by Abraham Maslow, are in the eye of the beholder:

substitute "I let the bomb go" with "I let the drugs / nitro go" ... "that was my greatest thrill"

*Notice how this man casually speaks of [socioculturally-acceptable] mass-murder... Yet, the firm decision to extinguish one's own human experience would be met with sociocultural hostility (especially if one were to speak of their decision in a casual manner)
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