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“You'll forgive yourself... wont you... Sunny?”
Aug 26, 2023
Rules are simple. You can write a nice message, quote, recommend a song or show, or show some art/ memes or give some advice.

(i.e. remember to take a break and drink something today, it’s important to stay hydrated and it might boost your mood! Hope you have an amazing day/night.)

Spread some positivity!


Tempus fugit
Feb 7, 2023
Proponents of positivity says "the glass is half full" but the vanguard of positivity invented this:

Glass full
Air needs fair treatment.

Scientists and engineers are paragons of positivity - they not just adopt existing positivity but also actively invent it. No matter how hard it is.

I posted this one before but didn't survived a server crash.
So I post it again with additional text - it will be revived as long as I'm alive.
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