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Mar 16, 2018
Just wondering what you guys listen to whenever you really need a good cry.

I'll share some songs that usually make me cry below; hopefully without being judged in the process.

Both of these OSTs played in a couple of the most emotional and heartbreaking moments in this anime. Speaking of which, Little Busters! as a series gives me conflicting emotions. I really love its story and characters, but at the same time it saddens me due to the fact that I know that I'll never be surrounded by friends like the main character in this series is. And these two soundtracks serve as the biggest reminder of that sad reality.

I can't really give that much of an explanation for this one. It just hits me really hard every time I listen to it, giving me an odd feeling of sad nostalgia despite it not being that long since I first discovered it.

I can imagine you either thinking that I sent the wrong link by accident or laughing at how ridiculous this seems, and I honestly can't blame you for either. This is just another song that gives me heavily conflicting emotions between happy and depressing nostalgia. This was my first Vocaloid song that I listened to YEARS ago, back when I was actually somewhat happy and optimistic. But now I know that I'll never get those days back, and this song just makes that fact all the more painful.


Jun 26, 2018

The last song's title is a spoiler for the game Persona 2: Innocent Sin, in case anyone is currently playing it.


Apr 10, 2018
Cavetown - I Promise I'm Trying

Movements - Daylily

All Time Low - Missing You

The last one makes me cry the most. There's probably more songs I could add but these were the first ones to come to mind.


Jun 30, 2018
this song used to ALWAYS make me cry when I was little.

It now gives me chills in my face.
However, this song in particular still gets to me till this day; and i can't help not stop listening to it. All day, everyday.



May 8, 2018
I don't normally listen to songs when I want to/have to cry. But listening to songs from my childhood get me in a nostalgic/sad mood after that initial "I recognize that sound!" It becomes a reconfirmation of not being able to turn back.

A lot of anime OSTs from the older days make me feel that way. There's also the song "You were Born to be Loved" from way back in my childhood (toddler years) that kinda stuck with me. This one is a cover but it still gives me the feels.

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May 31, 2018
Any song that talks about friendship or love makes me cry, if in secret. Or anything about people being kind to each other. It gets so that it's too much to imagine yourself in the shoes of the people enjoying connectedness...


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May 9, 2018
Sorry for this late reply. Tgis can sound stupid but I struggled for a month for finding the valor and strenght of posting this.

Did somebody listened this when they were very young?

Maybe the song itself is not so strong now, or if it has no context for you. And maybe that's the reason a so simple song hits me with so much intensity, because my past. If I would listen it and nobody of that happened, I wouldn't feel anything at all.

Since my childhood, I was abused physically and emotionally. I was being submited the whole day and it marked me so much. One day, I had Pokemon Black edition in my hands. I don't remember how exactly but I had it.

All of that was completely new for me. Since very young I knew I lived in a shitty world filled of bad oersons in every place who consume and destroy everything. Playing this was very special for me. I felt I was inside a world things were different and at the same time it made me think things could really be different. The more I advanced in the game, the more I felt inside anothrr world. For a time, it was my only escape and it gave me an exit of all what I was suffering.

It happened what it must happen: it ended. I remember crying at this moment. I don't know if it was because the ending or because I knew the good things ended in that moment.

That dude is probably the only human I feel completely unabled to hate. And it made me think probably there would be more humans like him... How naive I was... I loved and still love absolutely everything about him and how I saw humans have a not-rotten part too. It's not something I can forget easily.

Now, sometimes I hear it in some place and I can hide my tears. Now I can't even dream anylonger and seeing this moment will never be lived again makes me feel very bad.

I'm sure if I would play it now, over the legal age I have now I wouldn't feel even the half part of what I felt in that moment. This has impact on me because all my past. This game was truly the only happy moment I lived in all my childhood. I never played one of them again but I prefer it, I just want to have the memory of this last one, before life was totally ruined for me.


Sep 2, 2018

Not necessarily the song itself(though it is indeed fucking beautiful),but the circumstances when that song played. The ending of the Fate route in the visual novel Fate/Stay Night.

While the Fate route was overall not as impressive as the other 2 routes that came after it in the VN(Unlimited Blade Works and Heavens Feel),the ending of that route inspired the most emotion out of me. Very few things in fiction have made me feel the way that ending felt for me.
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