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Oct 15, 2023
Since the beginning of time humans have looked up at the stars and contemplated whether we are alone in the universe or not. From ancient civilizations to modern times, this fundamental question has taken our imaginations hostage and fueled our search for meaning: why do you think that is?

Drawing a parallel between our imagination on extraterrestrial lifeforms, are we alone in the universe and also with the first book of the bible, Genesis. As humans we have a hunger for patterns. The
For some reason we figured out that this world that we're living in might not be the only place so thats why we started imagining gods and demons and I don't think people actually imagined that were living on a planet until eventually they proved that stars are not just some decorations in the sky. But back in the day some people were think that there may be some life forms outside of this area of space that we currently occupy. So why do we think that we're not alone? It's very interesting. It's more interesting to ask the question that why are we so sure we are not alone? For me it's more intriguing to think about that.

We've always been looking at the stars and I just think that our nature as humans we are very curious and we just love exploring the mysteries of life and the universe and I think the idea of life beyond earth makes us think about how vast the universe is. And a classic sentence is by thinking about that we also think about our own place in the universe and what it means to be alive.

Humans have a tendency in their curiosity that they can't help themselves when they see a place that is far, far away to go there and reach it. But if you look up in the sky, I think the first thing that you will realize is the distance between us and the stars. So it's always been not fascinating but it's always been an intellectual fetish trying to figure out how can we get rid of this distance with us and the stars. If you're a kid, you're always wondering whats beyond the mountain. Since the primitive ages, early humans probably wondered how they could reach the stars. And then at a time, they realized they probably couldn't. So they had to make up stories, they had to give themselves an explanation. Why the stars are there, who's living in them.

When you get a good glimpse of the moon and see a bunch of people all taking photos of it, it's not surprising that we thought deities lived on there. Its almost a god-like thing look down from the sky on us, its super bright. If you read ancient literature, people are always talking about having a full moon outside, they can see everything at night, it's hard to imagine in our modern world. Imagine thats the only light source, it's a very humbling experience.

The old stories form ancient times, when you look across all these ancient civilizations from Mesopotamians to Egyptians to Indians to Chinese to the Greeks, these parallels emerge in all these current that portray these divine beings, gods, as influencing the human understanding of the universe. And if you look at these beings for example, they all kind of are described in these stories as key architects of the universe. And there is also a frequent mention in these stories of different realms that these gods inhabit and they all different powers in these realms and they all made humans think a different way about the world and how its all connected.

What is the correlation between these gods and for lack of a better word, aliens?

From what I see, parallels emerge when you think about in these mythical interpretations that these encounters with aliens described as gods and then people look at that mythical text through modern UFOlogy they kind of make the comparison that these encounters with gods are actually encounters with aliens. Like "Ancient Astronaut Theory." There are symbolic similarities between the two because they are both powerful being beyond human comprehension.

There's a Chinese science fiction where the author asked the question, why don't we worship deities in China anymore. China is very light on worshiping and religion. Maybe once a year burn some paper money to the goddess of the land and thats it. Because agriculture production has been important for a long time. But overall we don't see the same type of worshiping behaviors or religious behaviors similar to ancient Greeks or Egyptians. And then he wrote a story basically saying, we think that there were gods but until one day a guy, in ancient Chinese history he is like their first inventor. He had a debate with one of those gods and proved that they don't know everything. And then the gods realized humanity was mature enough and they just left.
It sort of just gave a modern explanation on why we're having all these weird thoughts.

If you think of all the gods especially in ancient Greece or ancient Chinese culture, there's always a god that takes care of one aspect of agriculture production. There's a god of rain, one of thunder, one natural phenomenon is taken care of by one god. And now of you look at how we look at aliens is because I think back then people believed in myth and now people believe in science. In the sense of the science method but a lot of people actually worship science. It's a different framework now, science is the framework. So back then you'd look at all these natural phenomenon and wonder whats the personification of the highest or the most powerful personification of the earthquake and you basically create a personality around it. Now it's basically like whats the personification around the highest scientific achievement and you call them aliens. These all powerful beings. So I think there is a layer in here of almost worshiping. Which is something science has tried to get rid of. But a lot of people today treat science as a new religion. A lot of people don't actually buy into the scientific method because they don't really know what it is. They don't believe that science will bring them the ultimate truth. They just think that science is like the new type of Christianity. Consequently they treat atheism as almost like having a religious feature now. So I just feel like aliens are kind of like a new Marvel type of thing.

All these myths about gods, they're all kind of fucked up. A lot of incest and horrible beings all about vengeance. Why can't we just imagine something being great without 50 Shades of Greying them? Something probably to do with sacrifice. The whole giving up on something in order to get something else down the road. I think there's a lot of that involved. Because I think when these gods, these religions came into play we kind of moved into agriculture. So we started thinking about the future more. Probably as humans. Planning more. What we do today is going to reflect whats coming down the road.

Across different cultures, you always imagine that the good gods are in heaven and all the gods that can take care of us and we really depend on are all in the sky. And whats beneath the earth is always something like hell, like the underworld, it's for dead people. And then if you read the folklore, the gods in the sky are basically assholes. But for example the god of death, like how you pass, where you're going after you die, there's a certain level of compassion to it. I think we realized there's this random in nature. You were just working on the land and all of the sudden there's an earthquake or a flood coming so you probably think that those gods don't have a good temper. So you start to envision them being dicks all around just messing around with people. But death is certain and we have this sympathy and empathy towards deceased people. So we imagine that when they die maybe they're in some peaceful place. Maybe they needed to explain to themselves because there's a lot of unpredictability in life and especially in nature so maybe we offended the gods in some kind of way by not doing something they wanted us to pay attention to. And I think that's where the whole sacrifice thing comes in.

I don't think this is a comprehensive explanation but in the past 100 years, we can actually fly now. Most people will never see a rocket laughing into the sky or a 5th generation fighter, how they maneuver in the sky. So when you just catch a glimpse, it's unreal. I was at an airshow one year and I saw an old Chinese jet fighter and you would think there's no way they could move like that but they do. Maybe technology is so advanced but for most people their conceptualization hasn't caught up yet so see something and think it must be aliens. So that's just one explanation.

Mostly from 70 years ago and what had happened in that time we had two world wars and an explosion in development and experimental rockets and aircrafts that people weren't ready for. The rise in fiction in the last 150 years because if you go back you can't really find a lot literature that deals with the topic of advanced extraterrestrial life. There's bits and pieces but especially in the last 150 years with novels, movies, tv shows. The line between reality and fiction for most people got blurred. I also think especially in the past but even now, people not being well educated enough to understand weather patterns or maybe celestial bodies like a comet or another planet or some crazy weather type event there's plenty of people who aren't well enough educated on that. We have a completely different realm of thinking now. If you see a fireball in the sky back in the day you'd probably think it was a fire ball. But today people might think it's aliens because we've started to think thats a solid possibility now.

A lot of these stories and claims happen in the States.

Even today the Chinese still don't know how the Americans made some specific types of alloys for their jet engine turbines. That material cannot be reverse engineered. So even today they're still like 20 to 15 years behind in terms of material science. They were implying that maybe if they can't reverse engineer it that they got inspiration from somewhere else. But it's a circumstantial hypothesis. You have to assume they have contact with aliens and all this makes sense. Or it could just be the case the Americans threw a shit ton of money at this and they tried all sorts pf combinations and they came up with one. So even today in terms of rocket science, on that part the Americans are still very, very ahead of the world. So maybe that part is kind of consistent with what that guy said. But at least 30 years, hasn't changed a bit.
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May 7, 2024
Personally I think we have met aliens atleast in the modern age now.

Some of our human tech is so advanced it looks like alien tech. And countries don't really share their advanced tech to the public.

I believe some of the things that chased fighter pilots or even the incident of an airliner to be interesting.

But the thing is these things only happens in USA why not india or anywhere else. I believe even Europe is a strong power. Why not there why do aliens fixate on the Americas? No offense lol

I think the turning point would be if we have good video footage with multiple eye witnesses.
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Forever Sleep

Earned it we have...
May 4, 2022
I guess just because the universe is so big. If there are all these other planets and some are capable of supporting life, it just seems more likely that there would be life of some description in this massive time span.

Plus, I suppose it is a way of feeling less alone. Kind of disturbing how often in media though that aliens are portrayed as aggressive. I expect that's projecting though. I wonder how we would behave if we were able to visit other planets with valuable resources. Not well I imagine if our current behaviour is anything to go by.

On the same subject, one of the funniest things I heard recently... When 'War of the Worlds' was aired on radio, it created a panic for some people. It was reported that a drunken farmer used his shot gun on a water tower! You can imagine the resemblance. Lol.
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Mori praestat, quam haec pati!
May 21, 2023

Even if intelligent life is scarce and taking into account that the physical and chemical conditions are the same throughout the observable universe it is highly likely that it happened at least once in every existing galaxy. Froom this POV the universe is full f "intelligent" life.

But the speed limit of light ensures that we will never ever be able to communicate or even know that some other "intelligent" species existed out there.

We can ask why that is the case and why the universe is designed that way? We will never know.


Jan 1, 2024
I hope everyday for an Alien abduction 👽

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