Death is salvation
Sep 26, 2021
There was a language thread like this around here but I can't find it anymore so I'm just making a new one. Basically say a sentence in your native language. I'll start:

De câte ori deschid fereastra de-atâtea ori o închid la loc. It's Romanian for: Whenever I open the window as many times I close it again.


Jan 26, 2021
Zu'u fen horvutah key, nid vahdin piraak.
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before i die delete my history
Jul 31, 2020
Sei o quanto está morto por dentro... como imprestável se sente. Sei como se olha no espelho. E odeia o que vê.

I know how dead you are inside... how worthless you feel. I know how to look in the mirror and hate what you see.
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Enigmatic Sailor

Enigmatic Sailor

vicissitudes of fate...
Oct 29, 2021
Han de pensar que estando encerradaAAAaaAaa
Vas a dejar pronto de querermeEEeEeeeEEeee
Pero la puerta ni cien candados, van
A poder a mí detenermeEEEeeeEEeee


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Jan 13, 2021
Ayaw na ayaw ko na mabuhay. Sana mamatay nalang ako sa tulog ko ngayon. (Language: Tagalog, Filipino)

Translation: "I really don't want to live. I'm hoping that I'll die today in my sleep".


Oct 21, 2018
I went to a poutine shop back east eh and spent a couple toonies on my lunch, and while I was there it was colder than a witch's tit – a hell of a lot colder than Vancouver*, I had to wear my toque – and I looked out the window and there was a guy practicing his curling right on the damn sidewalk, and Jesus Murphy, he was just givin' er eh, I'd never seen anything like it.

*Pronounced as "Vang-couver".


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Oct 14, 2021
Semmihez sincs kedvem. Csak aludni akarok egész nap.

Hungarian for “I don’t want to do anything. I only want to sleep all day.”


Jan 22, 2020
En aqueste enterramiento
humilde, pobre y mezquino
Yace envuelto en oro fino
Un hombre rico avariento.

murió con cien mil dolores
Sin poderlo remediar,
Tan solo por no gastar
ni aún gasta malos humores

Joke poem about a stingy man, writen by Quevedo. The only poem i can remember.
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Just a boring guy.
Oct 21, 2021
"Tem dias que quando eu penso na morte minha pele diz pra eu distrair". (translation: "There are days when I think about death my skin tells me to distract").

It's a verse from a song I like.
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Missunderstood Potato
Dec 9, 2018
החיים והמוות.. אנחנו בסוף מתים אז למה לא פשוט לדבר על זה במקום לצנזר כל הזמן
החברה לא תמיד מבינה ובכלל המערכת גם. עד מתי אנו נמשיך לסבול עד שהצדק יצא לאור

I used Google Translator since im not always great at translating :

"Life and death .. we end up dying so why not just talk about it instead of censoring all the time ?

Society does not always understand and the whole system as well .. How long will we continue to suffer until justice is served ?"

My first language is English cause mammy from Ireland and 2nd is hebrew cause my daddy from israel..

Reason English is my 1st is cause lets say my brain is like a windows computer ,itd have a default language for the main stuff ie thoughts etc..
motel rooms

motel rooms

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Apr 13, 2021
Ma va a ciapal in del lisca! Va' bèn a fèr dal pugnàt! Facia da cul de can da cacia! Pirla! Và a dà via i ciapp! Va a fas dì in gesa! Pantula! Va a scuà in duè che l'è nett! Và a mung al tor! Cujòtt! Uregia panada! Và a Bagg a sonà l'organ! Vùnges!

Translation: Fuck you. (No, that's really what it means.)
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