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I have a question for you. If there was some relationship or friendship between two or more suicidal people, do you think it's more something positive or harmful?

I want to expose my point of view.,

I used to talk a lot with a suicidal person. It was very good and I felt she understand me in every way. If you find some person who is able to know how do you feel and feels emphaty for you, you would feel nice right?

Unfortunately, as everything in this life, this has a negative consequence, the most important thing and the fact of why I made this question.
What happens when one of them dies? I mean, that's what all we want, we are here for the same reason after all, you should be happy of he or she is now free.
But it doesn't happen. Such strong emotions act apart of your rational thoughts: you can convince a lot about it, but the sadness will be unavoidable. It's somewhat similar to survival instinct. They still are easier to override than it but it's fucked anyway.

Endure their pain for each other would be catastrophic, forcing yourself to continue in an awful state for not make the other feel bad will be really harmful. And the other in the same situation... But what if for any thing no one of them is able to die? Then, they would have each other as it would dure. Something bad is turned in something positive.

This relationship are very complicated, they can be even considered double edged swords. What's your general opinion? Would you be in one or you prefer total isolation?

If you want my answer, I consider them useful if you find a worth person. Well done they help you a lot to endure your daily suffering, and you help too. Both will feel better, not so alone. Being suicidal doesn't mean we must lead with so much loneliness, we deserve feeling good too.

But what you would do?
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Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018
I've lost some in some places (like reddit and here) even if I don't contact and only read their posts, I feel of a loss.

It is sad to know they die or disappear. But its very useful and can help you cope (although not everyone will be useful). Like-minded or people with similar stuff like circumstances or hobbies have better chances to help.

I know its sad. Everything will end in this life and every relation like this beautiful one. Life is fucking crazy and inherently creating inevitable sad scenarios.

But not to forget to deal with anyone with caution.
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Jul 17, 2018
Well, I am not really "suicidal". Sometimes I avoid these kind of relationships because they are not going to go anywhere. Like, for example, if suicide is the only topic you are going to talk about, I presume you will run out of things to talk about very quickly. Also, I don't want to have to think about about my life and the reason I am going to end it, talking with a stranger feels like "it's none of their business".

That being said, I am usually bored, and I wish I had more friends. I used to have a relationship with my hallucinations to avoid exactly this situation, but now that I am taking more APs I often run out of things to do. I am sure people in here are very cool and worthy to have as a friend, as long as you don't do anything dangerous.


May 31, 2018
I've spent most of my adult life seeking out other suicidal people. I thought they'd make the best friends since, like you said, they'd already understand where you're coming from. But decades of failing has taught me that even other suicidal people are people first. Which means we can act like the very same people who destroyed our lives. My favorite has been the many suicidal people I've met over the decades who I'm not good enough for. I don't say that bitterly or self-pityingly. Suicidal people have "standards," too. So they can assess me unfavorably just like everyone else.

Quick story: When I was young I had a suicidal friend. We were on the phone one day talking about the rights people should have to end their own lives when all of a sudden he blew up at me: "I can't stand this anymore! You're so negative! You need to get help! People like us only drag each other down!" We never spoke again after that. I should have learned then that being suicidal isn't enough to actually be friends...

Maybe the one benefit of being "older" is feeling secure in saying "I know..." now. No one looks at me anymore and spits out, "Oh, you don't know what the future holds. You just haven't lived enough..." Yes, I have. Even today I had a great conversation with a new friend overseas who jokingly asked me to move over there. I didn't even think about it b/c I've heard that so many times in my life and know that modern Western individualism alone makes relationships/friendships volatile. Add in depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation and, well...

I'm finally not looking for friends anymore. Just a painless way out and a backbone. Good luck to you, OP.
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