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Jumper Geo

Life's a bitch and then you die.
Feb 23, 2020
I found this interesting especially as you could join the PPeH but if you had a mental illness you couldn't join there forum but maybe they have changed there views.




Nov 11, 2020
Thank you for sharing. Definitely an interesting read. As well as a frustrating one.
If only more people viewed suicide as a fair and viable option with each individual having the right to choose for themselves...the world would be a much better place.
I wasn't aware that euthanasia is available to children in some countries.


Jun 12, 2018
As the highest court of Germany just recently said, we need to give people a right to die on principle, because we respect their autonomy and their freedom to make this decision. It's a human right and human rights apply to all humans, regardless of their condition and the circumstances they're in. That's the nature of human rights. It wouldn't be a human right anymore if we start to take away this human right, the right to die, from individuals because we don't agree with their reasons to reserve that right for themselves. The right to die also applies to depressed people and individuals suffering from mental illness, period.




minecraft zombie
Nov 23, 2020
They can't keep up denying us rights forever. Pray tell, why does some arbitrary distinction of mental illness (often unfounded, because many of us are sad because we have chronic illnesses and horrible life circumstances, not a chemical imbalance) mean one cannot make rational decisions, but only in the case of suicide?

I have PTSD, which is still considered a mental/psychiatric illness, and I am still expected to make rational decisions in everyday life and in work and school environments. They can't judge someone's decision making skills only when said person is seeking the option of a dignified death and going against the wishes of the government/economy that desires productive workers who will contribute to society until old age.