Jan 28, 2020
I saw someone’s police story. I thought I’d post mine, related to suicide.

Over 4 years ago, I attempted suicide at a hotel. I walked to the county hospital in a small coastal town in CA. They of course seized me as a prisoner. I cooperated until they had all their paperwork done. At this point, the staff turned on me and began laughing at my lost rights,etcetera. Basically mental torment because they don’t like suicides. Unfortunately, they forgot the mandatory urine test and returned seeking my cooperation. I told them all to jump up my ass for over a day, and refused to urinate. I was placed on a urine watch. So, I,sat in the ER until a veteran assured me that he would get me to a VA hospital and out of the hands of these sadistic cretins.

I was transferred. Did the hold period. I was released. I received counseling. Etcetera.

Four years later as COVID hit, I took control over my firearm from my girlfriend, who had been holding it since the suicide attempt. I wanted to clean it, put it in its case, and put it into our evacuation kit, in case the fires came. So in February, I attempted to buy a few boxes of ammo. I had to apply to the State, since it’s the law in CA now. Thinking I was okay to own firearms again since I had been released from the threat,list, I applied. I was denied and told that I hadn’t purchased a firearm within 2 years, so I would get a letter. Thinking my gun was now junk since zi could not buy ammo for it and I wasn’t about to buy another gun to get ammo, I just threw it, unloaded, into my junk drawer and promptly forgot about it.

Here is where it gets fun.

I received a COVID diagnosis from the VA in the middle of the night by voicemail. I have to evacuate my home with no alternative but parking lots. After a couple days, I returned home to isolate. I am symptomatic when taking the test and even more since the test. All of a sudden, my house alarms start going off on my phone. Banging all around the house. I turned on the cameras. There was fifteen or more CA DOJ officers with M4s surrounding my house. I called my significant other and told her and kept her on the phone as I went to the door.

They asked my name and I gave it. They asked if I had a firearm, and if I tried to buy ammo. I said that I had, and explained the above. They said they had a search warrant. I tried to tell them I had COVID, but the CA Dept. of Justice officer, an Asian gentleman that I had spotted days before placing me under surveillance in a car near my alley, put hands on me. After many objections, they got it finally. Throughout the warrant service, the Asian officer continued to try and anger me by saying inflammatory things. I eventually turned to him and told him that I don’t personally care what badge he has pinned to his chest, I won’t tolerate disrespect after,I have been compliant to the fullest. I told him that when ai wore a uniform, I conducted myself with respect. I stuck my finger in his face. He shut up. When the Rottweiler got home, he ran to the other yard.

They took my gun, and they took my girlfriend’s recently deceased WWII veteran’s family heirloom guns.

Fifteen officer surrounding my house, for one .45 cal 1911A1 pistol.
The reason? I hadn’t committed a crime or anything. Four years ago, when I was out of my mind inebriated by morphine, in a hospital where I was being tormented, after having just lost my liberty.... I apparently signed some form agreeing to not possess a firearm for 5 years. I don’t remember doing this, but again, as,was not myself and not competent to be signing contracts.

I am an honorably discharged, 100% disabled veteran. I have never committed a felony or anything beyond traffic. I have never threatened anyone, nor,have I killed anyone.
And they bring more people to my property than they brought to Barker Ranch seeking Charlie Manson for one 1911A1, 7-shot pistol.

To conclude:
Three to four days after the raid, I get a voicemail from the VA saying they re-ran the test and it came back negative. My body pains are arthritis or MS, and my sinus infection was “some other virus”.
‘My girlfriend has now blamed me for the entire saga and the loss of her family heirlooms, which she had failed to lock up. This caused irreparable damage to the relationship, with bad feelings on both sides.

Bombs away! You sank my battle-relationship.
I love the title. :)
What a shitshow, sorry you had to go through that. I don’t understand the connection between you having covid and the police coming to your house because of the gun. Didn’t they come to your house because you tried to purchase bullets? And don’t they already know who owns guns and who doesn’t? What does VA stand for? Sorry for all the questions. Anyway, having so many police officers show up at your house because of that is not right.
Hi. Thanks for the sympathies. I learned to laugh about it.
The VA is Veteran’s Admin.
No connection with COVID, it was just a bad chain of events that blossomed into a real turd.
Yes, they came because I applied to them to buy bullets.
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