Aug 28, 2018
I would like to know about poison as a method of release. I have found several books on poisons, particularly natural ones, but I don't believe I see info on this method here, unless I missed it. Years ago, I had an ovarian cyst that was suspected to be cancer. A woman from Puerto Rico, from a family of MDs, contacted me and gave me a recipe for Vinka Tea (White Periwinkle). She promised that when I was in surgery, I would be found to be cancer free. Things sort of went that way, though with great drama. Later, a friend told me that this White Periwinkle is extremely toxic. I tried it with a cat who was filled with tumors (I have a street dog/cat rescue), and he went unconscious and died peacefully. My hope was to save him, but I clearly gave him too much of the flower mixed with warm water, and he was a cat who would have either died painfully or needed euthansia. I've wondered if some of these poisons from plants, if taken in a large dose, would render a person unconscious, leading to death?

I also want to know more about Seconal. Awhile back, I read a Pulitzer Prize winning book on depression, and the author's mother ctb by simply swallowing a few Seconal pills with a glass of champagne, surrounded by family. She just went to sleep and died. She was going to die soon of Ovarian cancer anyway, and this was her choice. The author said they he always has Seconal on hand, though his goal is to live if possible, and so far, he is still around. Is there some way to get Seconal or is it like Nembutal and usually fake, etc.? Or not even available? The author had it somehow. I so wish I could write and ask him where he gets it. I can't do the hanging, plastic bag, shooting my head off sort of thing. Maybe the gun would be OK, but I just want to take a pill and go. Anyone read Edith Wharton? One of my favorite books by her is House of Mirth, written in the early 20th Century. It's about a society woman who has become too old to marry well in late 19th Century NYC, and she ctb by drinking laudanum. Is there a way to find laudanum? I read that it is still available by prescription. I know that some of this is just story, but I believe the author of the book, The Noonday Demon, when he says his Mom just said a few words and went to sleep and died without incident. Can't this happen?
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Apr 26, 2020
You are unlikely to come across “a” pill that will cause death. Secobarbital is generally only available in the US for the purposes of physician assisted suicide and is used interchangeably with pentobarbital. To answer your question, you are much less likely to find secobarbital than pentobarbital, as the later is used in veterinary medicine.

Laudanum is optimum tincture (opium in alcohol). You are much more likely to find heroin than laudanum. Why don’t you read the megathread? There are topics such as SN or inert gas linked there. While there absolutely are toxic plants, they pale in comparison in terms of availability and peacefulness compared what I’ve mentioned previously.