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What's more likely

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Deleted member 847

What's more likely to be the truth in your opinion

1. Idealism

Everything is thought. Mind creates matter. Reality is a dream and we are god playing being multiple things and beings. Life is fundamental.

2. Materialism

Everything is matter. We live in a objective reality with harsh laws of physics and life is just a random phenomenon.


Apr 1, 2018
I don't see existence as a fundamental necessity, since we could easily wipe out all lifeforms and let the universe do its thing without us (or extraterrestrial beings whatsoever). And that's what will happen regardless, giving a quick glance to the timeline of the far future.

I'd say that theoretical physics holds all the answers. Not completely materialism, not purely idealism, something in between (quantum chromodynamics and the superstring theory, to me, got it right. We'll wait for further proof).
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Apr 27, 2018
It's all just waves/ vibrations / radioactivity n aggregated matter ... but with just enough spooky arsed shit to be unsettlingly irritating .

As in 'isn't life a miracle !' ... maybe not in a good way .

What the fucking fuck kind of fucking fuck fuck would facilitate this ?
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Michel Angelo

Jul 5, 2018
This is a case of the either-or fallacy, there really aren't two choices, and frankly our knowledge on such is so limited that's it not really even worth a guess - it's an interesting question and more interesting reading materiale, though it's unlikely any sort of legitimate answer will be provided within our lifetimes -


Jun 30, 2018
I used to be a dedicated idealist but it's amazing how progressive physical pain and disability can make you see that the body rules the mind.