New Member
Dec 3, 2020
I was practicing blocking my carotid arteries with partial hanging.

After 10-20 seconds pushing down while my knees are slightly touching the ground, I get up, but then I fall, unable to stand unless I pull the rope hard with my hands and continually holding it, out of balance, very dizzy, sometimes rapid heart beat.

What does that indicate really? Not sure what I would get if I tied up my hands, elevated the knot and went along with it.


Pastel demon
Dec 8, 2018
That indicates the start of the vein oclusion I guess. I also tried about 10-20 partial and I feel the same dizzies and rapid heartbeat, but I retained consciousness. I suppose that if you go on after 20 seconds the risk of dying increases. The bloodflow will be get interrupted and the hypoxia starts.