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I know it's over And it never really began
May 26, 2018
Hi there,

I am getting closer to ctb.
Talk about reasons is futile. (Excuse my awkward language plz, not a native speaker)

I chose hanging as my method and I want to get it right. Is this a suitable knot?
I managed to get dizzy by manually tightening the noose.

I live in a tiny apartment and the doors are old and of bad quality. What could I choose for support / attachment?

Thanks im advance!


Apr 30, 2018
That knot should work fine.

Are you set on being in your apartment? There are so many choice outside, although it could be problematic if you are in a densely populated area.


I know it's over And it never really began
May 26, 2018
Thank you! Outside is also an option but yes I live in a big city. I have to look for a suitable place. Also I'm not sure how to tie rope to the support point. i know these questions have been asked before, sorry. I couldn't get my head around the bowtie knot (i'm bad at stuff like that).


the grind
Mar 21, 2018
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