Oct 31, 2020
I thought I‘d make a thread, sharing some of my favourite paintings and drawings depicting death or dying. There is much to be said about them, but I’ll keep it short so you can interpret them for yourselves.
Please feel free to share the ones you’ve got saved.

1.)“Souls on the Banks of Acheron” -A. Hiremy-Hirschl
This painting depicts Hermes conducting the shades of the dead from the upper to the lower world.

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2.)”Execution of Torrijos and his CompanIons on the Beach of Malaga” -A. Gisbert
This painting portrays the execution of a group of liberals by the absolutist authorities in Spain. It’s incredibly large and detailed so you can zoom in and analyse their facial expressions and body language, which gives us valuable insights into their thoughts and feelings before dying.

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3.)“Self Portrait with fiddling Death” -Arnold Böcklin

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4.)”The Pauper” -Theodore Kittelsen
Just a pauper, who died alone on the side of a road in a forest. No one bothered to bury him so his body was just left to rot there and provide a feast to the crows. Love the dark but at the same time peaceful atmosphere.

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Nov 19, 2020

Spoliarium by Juan Luna
A painting depicting the image of fallen gladiators getting dragged off the arena and the onlookers of the fight. It's more of a piece made to symbolized the Spanish colonization, but it also fits the opportunistic nature of our environment. Notice the two old man on the left side near the gladiatior. They're aristocrasts waiting to get a cup of blood from the gladiators, since there's belief that it can prolong their aging bodies.
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