Nov 11, 2020
So today I had to go do partial hospitalization also known as outpatient where I go there for seven hours a day for therapy and treatment and med monitoring.

It was like a daycare. Absolute fucking joke.

There is no individual therapy. The “treatment” is all group therapy and the group therapy doesn’t or shouldn’t qualify as therapy. It was a joke.

2 hours of the day I played Uno
1 hour 30 mins was for Lunch and snack breaks
30 Mins for walking to the areas
2 hours 30 mins of “group therapy”

Group therapy was pretty much asking how people’s weekends are and the therapist going around the room asking people what their mood is and what they’re grateful for. That was it.

literal joke

7 hours of being overwhelmed, super anxious, and stressed for nothing.

The psychiatrist which pulled me aside for 15mins if the group therapy pretty much said yeh these diagnoses are correct I want to put you on Ativan.

I don’t wanna go on benzodiazepines they’re habit forming and addicting. Plus they have withdrawals and arnt a daily med.

He wanted to replace my daily meds with that...


Born to lose
May 22, 2020
Sounds awful tbf. Sorry you're having to go through this. I did group for two hours once a week last year and that was too much (a waste of time).


This Isn't Fine
Oct 2, 2020
What a joke lol. That's the help that's supposed to 'cure' people? Jfc. I'm sorry you have to go through with that sh*t.

My own recent ward 'visit' was pretty similar...


Jan 20, 2020
Everyday for a minimum of 4 weeks, unless my parents see reason.
Wow, I’m sorry, so if you go with flow it’ll be over soonish at least. It’s awful they can require such things of people. Forcing it like that doesn’t help.
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