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Just wanting some peace
Sep 24, 2020
Non-existence truly is all I've ever wished for, it's all that's ideal as it's the eternal absence of suffering and harm. The fact that humans procreate in the first place is the most horrific tragedy as more than anything I wish I stayed eternally unaware, I wish I never existed more than anything, all that's perfection to me is never existing at all.

It's just so awful how humans force life here even know there was never a need for existence with nobody being able to suffer from never existing. To have the ability to exist is something completely unnecessary but also causes so much suffering, existence truly is an abomination and all that's desirable is to be permanently relieved from it, bringing life into this hellish reality certainly does cause nothing but harm.

In my case I don't want to suffer in any way and in existence there is endless potential to suffer, I just wish for nothingness, there's no point and value to being conscious and aware especially the peace of non-existence solves everything, death truly is the only relief.

I'd always prefer to not exist and see the eternity of an dreamless eternal sleep as preferable to suffering in this meaningless yet so torturous existence where chance so senselessly determines everything. It terrifies me how a human can potentially exist for so long, it's disturbing how one can suffer so much and feel such immense agony yet not die. I wish suicide is as straightforward as just choosing to never wake again, only eternal sleep can bring me peace, I only wish for this existence to disappear into nothingness.
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Dec 14, 2023
It's interesting how a lot of people here would agree with u but a lot of people who will never post on this forum see things the polar opposite of us. I think the main factor in someone's point of view in this regard is wealth and privilege. People born into wealth or those who have amassed wealth feel a need to procreate and hand down a legacy. I never procreated and never wanted to unless I amassed enough wealth so that I would never have to say no to the kid for anything he/she ever wanted. Rich enough to put the kid thru ivy league college if that's what he/she wanted. I never came close to becoming that wealthy so I have no offspring as a result. This isn't absolute. There are plenty impoverished people who procreate and many wealthy who have not.


May 31, 2024
My life was decent until it was destroyed by some people. Years have passed by and since then everyday of my life is pain and agony. I'm in agony because of other people's behaviours and the law is not even on my side. I had no justice. Please, someone just kill me now. I cannot take anymore. This world is just evil and cruel. I think of CTB everyday, I wish I had a friend, I wish someone would save my life...

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