Jun 10, 2018
was feeling full of enthusiasm the other day have put my order in with A bit today I stopped by on the resource section of this site and read I think it was extracts from the Peaceful Pill Book 2016 and it said I think 20 or 40 people who ordered of him were all intercepted by Interpol which is quite shittingly concerning if I’m going to have a knock from Interpol - the book tend to think that A had somehow for some reason informed Interpol !! What happened to the people caught it didn’t say.

It also recommend Johnson but by the sounds of it he’s cooled off now
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El Topo

El Topo

Apr 21, 2018
From what I heard, A was using a Yahoo email account a few years ago. Interpol or some other agency hacked his account and found the contact information for some of his customers. None of the customers were arrested, but they were visited by police.

Johnson is no longer around. In fact, for the last stretch of his business, he was scamming people with diluted N powder. Someone on 8chan used his product and survived, and there's no way of knowing just how much N he had actually consumed.