Dec 8, 2020
I considered the ease of obtaining the materials needed for each method I was interested in, then looked at people's accounts for the ones I could realistically try. I thought about how comfortable I would be doing each method, and then I thought about the impact/trauma of finding my body.


Bill the Cat
Oct 10, 2020
I don't care that much about what might happen to my body afterward because my existence concludes that issue for me. Unfortunately, it is the winter season where I live, so hemlock root harvesting is not viable for me at present. Obtaining sodium nitrite from a pair of different sources is most convenient for me during the holiday season, following by nitrogen tire inflation equipment using a cylinder filled with the highest grade of pure nitrogen. After spring returns, I can harvest toxic plants.

Being creative, I can pretty much pick and choose among the nine or 15 billion different commonly available options to CTB, but my preference would be for a quick and painless pleasant method with minimal discomfort or apprehension involved. and that seems to suggest nitrogen hypoxia after multiple rehearsals with that modality.
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Dec 10, 2020
I settled on sn for several reasons

- painless
- relatively quick
- I drink alot and I'm used to vomiting
- I drink alot and I'm used to bad hangovers
- if I failed I wouldn't have brain damage

That's just and everything i want, on top of being easy to get


Life: you can’t fire me, I quit.
Nov 23, 2020
I picked the most peaceful method I could gain access too, which is how I ended up pursuing SN. After that im paralysed with fear because other methods feel too technical or I don’t have easy access to means. My second option is partial hanging but it terrifies me so I pray to a non existent god that my SN comes through. Previously my top method was to stand in front of a high speed train but I do not want to cause the train driver to get PTSD and dealing with the remains of my body would be particularly unpleasant for emergency services and my family so whilst it’s the most lethal and accessible means I have access to it’s a no go. I ruled out jumping because I’ve tried, I travelled to BH and couldn’t do it


time for ctb
Nov 14, 2020
Have tried most methods and failed so came down to SN which I hope is my exit. Strange to think that little white powder is my answer to ending this. All faith put in SN