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Jan 20, 2019
Like I said , somehow I just rolled with the sigil concept and mastered the art of making connections with mainly songs and our lives. Like music is time travel. Go back to the 90s learn something from that song, travel to the 2000s and learn something new from the punk rock song, travel back to 2023 ........

Anyway I did look up on YouTube , she seem to be knowledgeable enough

Check out a couple sigils I made :

As crazy as it sounds, I swear the second sigil was randomly drawn and the statement was something about having a hard erection. Dont judge me lol, when u experience sexual disunctioning, you'd want that back alright. You can see the C, R , D . It turned out looking like a rocket hahaa


  • high libido sigil.png
    high libido sigil.png
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  • erec sigil.png
    erec sigil.png
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