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Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018
List the video games that describe you or you relate to the most. You can put a whole franchise also or put them individually even if they are from the same franchise.

I'll start.

Zelda specially Majora's mask.

Classic FF specially FF7 and FF9.

Metal gear.

Ace attorney trilogy.

Pokémon specially RBYG and GSC.

Ofc there are more but this is whats in my mind right now


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Jan 26, 2021
Skyrim, Minecraft, Fallout: NV, Chivalry, Cod: BO, MW3 and BO2. As an even younger kid I had star wars battlefront, the first one I think, on the ps2. Those are the games that grabbed the most hours. Spent all of my free time more or less gaming during my entire childhood and adolescence. I have now stopped being a gamer but it turns out I just replaced gaming with listening to music and browsing SS. At least I get to practice reading/writing and some degree of socializing on here so it's better...?
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Dr Iron Arc

Dr Iron Arc

Into the Unknown
Feb 10, 2020
I can always find relatability in any Fire Emblem game, it’s why I like the series so much. Awakening literally sucked me in with how relevant it felt to my life. Lucina’s struggle to change the past and prevent the apocalyptic future she comes from resonates with me more than anything else has. Obviously there are other time travel works out there but the way they use it in this game in particular was what really got to me.

Also Robin, the protagonist, being responsible for that future by housing the evil dragon that causes it is something I related to too.

In Fire Emblem Fates, I was at the very least able to relate to Corrin making dumb decisions because they grew up with a sheltered existence so of course they’d make some bad choices.

In Fire Emblem Echoes there’s literally a character with my actual name who sort of acts like I have sometimes.

And in Three Houses, Dimitri’s character arc in his route got to me because I felt a similar dissent into madness and hatred (over much more trivial things than he did though). If only I had a Byleth to get me out of this hateful cycle...

As one could tell, I also find a lot of relatability in the modern Sonic games. Specifically, in their music. Take Silver the Hedgehog’s theme from the infamous Sonic 06 for instance. This song contains the lyrics “but every night it just stays the same, in my dream of an absolution”. It also says “Happiness lies trapped in misery”.

If you look at the theme song for Sonic 06, “His World”. It’s a song about how badass Sonic himself is. The song sounds amazing but unfortunately the game didn’t do too well. The critical failure leads in nicely to the next song “Endless Possibilities”. The lyrics to this song actually allude quite well to the state of the Sonic franchise itself. It’s about how now that they’ve hit the bottom there are literally endless possibilities for where they can go next. The song from the next game Sonic Colors is about how because Sonic Unleashed was mixed, it was time for them to start to Reach for the Stars and try to actually be good again. Very deep.


Dec 4, 2020
Never did get that game. What the hell is it? Royal mail simulator. Never did rate Kojima very highly after the PS2 days. Disappeared way up his own arse. Breathes through her skin. Fuck off.
Royal mail simulator - lol sounds about right. I've heard people calling it a walking simulator. Both terms absolutely do it justice :pfff:
As far as old Hideo, MGS 5 is one of my favorites. Pretentious, sure, but who cares. The gameplay was so good.
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Nov 17, 2020
super mario nintendo GIF

SMW - My childhood in a nutshell.
(SNES = favourite console)


R & C Saga (own all PS2/PS3 games)

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Rayman Origins​


Nov 18, 2020
Persona 3, Dark Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, and the interrogation mechanic in LA Noir; I always make the wrong choices lol
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Apr 7, 2018
Well, I only finished it for the first time recently, but Planescape: Torment carried a lot of aspects with it that I very much identified with. Especially the faction known as the "Dustmen", which is an organization that revolves around the idea that all should strive to achieve a true death (otherwise known as total non-existence), to rid themselves the pain and suffering that is endemic to existence in all its forms.

I'm playing Disco Elysium at the moment and, that too, has a lot of stuff that gels with me, insofar as playing as a hapless character that's swiftly slipping into oblivion. As someone who's equally hapless and pathetic, a lot of what's there speaks pretty hard to my own situation (minus all the substance abuse stuff). On top of that, there's lots of writing that either perfectly encapsulates the profound hopelessness of a supremely fucked up character trying to get a hold of themselves or directly points out what a sad, futile and absurd wasteland the world is.

Aside from that, I've played a lot of random indie games where suicide has been the major topic. From somewhat well known stuff like The Cat Lady, to super obscure things like Middens. Not a lot of games ever tend to tackle to subject matter, so those few that do are, in a small way, kind of memorable to me on that basis. Someone else mentioned the SH series and that would definitely fit in this category. SH2 would be my favorite, but I feel like SH4 better reflects how it it is that I actually live and experience life, what with its immediate premise being about a man locked inside his own apartment, just how in a similar sort of way I'm "locked" this house. The visual representation of a door barred with chains from the inside that can't be undone, with letters in blood literally saying "Don't go outside", couldn't sum up my predicament any better.

As far as games in general that I like or that I feel are personal favorites, well, it's tough to narrow it down. System Shock 2, Deus Ex, and Thief would definitely be the holy trinity for me as far as PC gaming is concerned. Age of Empires, and RTS games in general, was something I was quite into as a kid. I also enjoyed many of the big PS2 platformer franchises like Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper. Never played any JRPGs, since I don't know. I just never thought to check any out, basically. There was lots of other stuff like RE4, Shadow of the Colossus, Elder Scrolls, or SW Jedi Academy, but I could fill the whole thread with random games like that.

Anyway, I probably would've given up gaming long ago if I actually had something better to do. Sadly, I do not. Sites like these aren't enough to fill the void for me, nor can even the internet itself. Other forms of media entertainment are the same way. If I weren't forcing myself to play video games whenever it is I can manage it, or watch some random show/movie/anime, or exercise, then I'd literally just be staring at the ceiling, listening to music, and sleeping. I have nothing to say or add to 99% of the threads on this site, which is just the same case on any other website. As opposed to most here, this leaves it not much of a way to kill time, I'm afraid. Everything is hollow and empty. And this place isn't an exception, no offense. I'm not sure that anything could ever not be this way for me, frankly.