New Member
Mar 17, 2023
Does anyone feel like life is pointless? Like its not that its bad or unbearable, just that nothing is interesting or worthwhile. Not career or education or friends and family. Sometimes I feel like i want to ctb because im just going to die anyway when im old and decrepit and would much rather go now under different circumstances.


A future corpse
Feb 22, 2023
I agree with you. Life is just a boring repetitive cycle to me. Perhaps some people might disagree since their life is interesting. Maybe you can try picking up a new hobby, that should make life a bit more interesting though it never works for me.


Neverending Suffering
May 1, 2022
Yes, life is pointless!

And in many ways believing that it is enables me to explore a wide range of emotions--you see it's more entertaining when you gingerly avoid the anhedonia...

Granted, it'll always creep back in, that unending question of why not just end it now?

I think that the real reason I'm carrying on is that I feel I may as well accomplish some things that I set out to, since I'm going to die anyway.

When the time does come, however, I'd like it to be from my own hand. And in a peaceful, painless way. That'd be real nice, I think. The very thought of it just tickles me silly. 🤗


She dreams of eternal sleep
Sep 24, 2020
I do think that life in itself is something that is very, very bad because of the unlimited potential for suffering and harm, but yes, life is something that objectively is pointless as well. I see existence as being something useless and unnecessary and this is why I view it as always being preferable to cease existing. It’s a burden feeling trapped in the prison that is consciousness and no matter the circumstances I could never wish to continue existing.

I could never see any benefit to existing in this world, life really is just a pointless and unappealing distraction from the fact that we are destined to cease existing. I just don’t like life in itself and I see life as being completely futile. Wanting suicide is the most logical thing to me as we are all destined to die anyway so it makes sense not wanting to endure this unnecessary struggle where all that lies ahead for us is decaying from old age. Existence could never be worth enduring to me, and I just see life as not being for me in any way.