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Mar 16, 2023
So, many pro lifers often day suicide isy just a cowards way out, and the only reason I'm suicidal they say, is because I'm a coward, afraid of life and don't want to work hard.

So they say I rather choose the "easy" way.

They say it's my fault that I'm poor, because I'm lazy, it's my fault I'm single, because I'm lazy again.

It's my fault my life is bad. They don't think autism or chronic health issues could be debilitating to success in life.

And there's no excuse to not be successful in life if you get older. Anyone can become somewhst wealthy they claim. Anyone can become successful.

Proof. Of this is Stephen hawking they say.

And because I'm less disabled, although not nearly as smart as him. It's my fault when I'm a loser.

I should just work hard for a good life. It's almost as most normies think disabilities aren't disabling.
Why do they think disability is just an excuse and suicide the easiest way?


I wish to be free from it all.
Feb 28, 2023
What a ridiculous notion it is that ctb is cowardly. In fact, ctb is one of the most courageous and daunting acts anyone will ever complete, even if they have a peaceful method. The fact is that just about everything in this world, from other delusional people to our own bodies, are structured around preserving life. It's such a tragedy that I am wilfully forced to be here and death is still my preferred choice regardless of any success I may experience. I hope you aren't around such horrible people for much longer.
Soulless Angel

Soulless Angel

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Jul 6, 2020
those people are cunts, easy? Fucking easy? NO! if they knew the true reality of ctb, then they wouldn't throw those words around,
CTB is one of the hardest thing's someone can chose too do,
To me the people that spout that shit, are the one's who are full of bullshit claiming we can heal and get better, and they are pro life, with no true understanding of mental health


She dreams of eternal sleep
Sep 24, 2020
Those types of people are just delusional, it’s incredibly insensitive to dismiss the suffering that other people experience, and anyway there is no benefit to existing no matter what they say. As humans we just exist to inevitably decay from age with no limit as to how much we can suffer.

Life really is something so harmful and unnecessary, so to me it’s perfectly logical wishing to leave, and actually leaving this world is in no way easy. If it actually was easy I would be long gone at this point. But I would choose suicide over absolutely everything as I would rather avoid having to struggle all for the sake of it. To die certainly would solve everything for me and I see suicide as being self care so I actually find it hard to take people seriously when they go on about suicide being a bad thing because it really isn’t. It’s like they forget that we are all destined to die anyway.


Oct 25, 2022
Pretty sure Stephen Hawking didn’t start developing symptoms until he was almost finished with his PhD (could be wrong about the timing). He was well on his way to being accomplished and his most valuable asset is his mind because he’s a genius. He is an extremely unique individual and should not be the template of “oh if HE can do it”. His wife was also very supportive.

also, some people are lazy because they’ve learned that their hard work doesn’t pay off.


Oct 7, 2021
I'm fairly certain that a lot of hardworking people can end up killing themselves, whether it has to do with a mental illness, or just lack of luck ending up in their life being ruined.. I don't know, however the notion that you're just lazy for wanted to CTB is ridiculous.