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Rest is best
Apr 30, 2018
Before you ask ..... yes I did used to smoke ALOT of weed lol but bear with me. If the universe is infinite then there's an infinite amount of times that an organism can evolve and at some point become "you" again. But would it really even be you or would it just be a clone/copy of you that coincidentially evolved due to the same circumstances that created you happening again? If theres a multiverse then there could infinite versions of you in an infinite web of possible universes .... it could be an tiny difference like you having one less hair than you do in this reality.... or one could be a super rich version of you .... another could be a 500ft version of you.... there could be one where specific scientific laws are fundamentally different.. or there could really absurd versions of the universe where the giant spaghetti monster arm wrestles a purple hulk Jesus for eternity to decide who gets to watch rick and morty. Ahhhhh String theory...
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Jun 26, 2018
I haven't smoken any weed, but I too have pondered the ramifications of an infinite universe. :-)

I like to think about infinity in terms of a personal dream world existing. Here's the thing. If we accept the premise that the cosmos contain an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of planets, it naturally follows that if a world is possible, it therefore must exist. It's like buying every possible number combination in a lotto. One of those tickets is a guaranteed winner. So if all the premises are true, we can naturally conclude that there exists a world where all your dreams come true. To visualize this in the simplest syllogistic form we have:

An infinite cosmos contains all possible universes with all possible worlds.
A world where all your dreams come true is possible.
Therefore, a universe exists that contains a world where all your dreams come true.

When we write down the argument this way, the flaws to the idea of a dream world actually existing stick out like a sore thumb. The main problem is that it assumes too much. It assumes, for example, that the cosmos is infinitely populated (it would be a non-starter to say that there is just empty space stretching out to infinity although this might be a possibility). It also assumes that a dream world is possible. There's no way of determining this. It's like the old ontological argument for God. If something is claimed to be possible, that does not make it so. It must be demonstrated to be possible first.

Lastly, I sometimes have trouble defining a world where all my dreams come true. I am here on this planet from this universe. If I exist on another planet, but with different thoughts and memories is that really me? How will my consciousness work? Can I achieve awareness in both selves? Do I have the same desires? If we can't even clearly define such a world, how can we go about proving that it is possible let alone that it exists?

These problems though don't subtract from the joy of partaking in this thought experiment. I fancy myself as the mad scientist tinkering with his creation in hopes of creating a perfect masterpiece. One day the world will behold my work and bow down in awe of its magnificence. Mwahahaha! Ok, I'm done. :^)


Jun 18, 2018
It’s not infinite. It’s still expanding and the Big Bang was its starting point
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Apr 1, 2018
I sometimes have trouble defining a world where all my dreams come true

Me too. That would require, in my specific case, a possible universe where the laws of physics that work in this reality are completely flattened out.

But what kind of being would I be in a world where the same natural laws that here seem to work smoothly, actually don't?

What necessities would I have, as a non-human being shaped by those whole different set of physical laws?