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Nov 25, 2022
Hi everyone

I studied a lot of material very carefully, and at other sites, including the method using an inert gas. But nowhere did I meet like-minded people with regards to the technical components, namely the bag on the head.
I met different variations of the implementation of this component, of which I can single out the most popular:
- classic plastic bag
- medical mask (providing a high concentration of gas)
- diving mask (much more reliable than a medical mask)
- gas mask (quite rare and difficult to implement)
- a small, airtight tent (very rare, I did not find confirmation and reliability of use for CTB)

I would like to offer you two of my designs, discuss them, but before I start.
Using my example, I will try to briefly explain why the classical method using a bag or a diving mask is categorically not suitable for me. The answer is claustrophobia. It is difficult to explain in words, but I have a feeling of anxiety even if I just put a bag on my head.

There is no Photoshop at hand, but I will try to draw and explain the first design.
The bottom line is that, instead of a classic bag, we need a relatively large, if desired, transparent round or square, relatively deep container. We need to fix it, for example, in the corner of your room, preferably also easy fixation of the body. In this case, CTB will occur while seated at an angle, preferably around 90 degrees.
Advantages compared to the classic bag:
- lack of anxiety in people with claustrophobia
- if you are not sure about the quality of your inert gas, especially if it is helium, due to the design features, you will still be in an atmosphere close to 100% helium, since it is 7 times lighter than air, even if it is slightly diluted
- you do not need to carefully measure the gas flow, deviations are allowed and the gas supply in your gas environment will in any case be sufficient

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The second design option instead of the classic bag is very simple, but more difficult to implement and requires preparation.
Why not use a plastic box or build your own from wooden planks and foil to fit your body size. Assemble a structure similar to Sarco. The advantages are obvious. There is only one minus, you may need a large amount of gas, you need to calculate carefully so that the capacity of your tank is enough.

I'll add on my own that an inert gas is very good, an especially big plus is that having prepared the entire structure, it can be used in alcoholic or any other form of intoxication.
Also, I saw a very interesting idea on this forum, sorry, I forgot the nickname of the person, you can take an electrovalve, open the gas with the help of arduino and CTB in a dream, but this will require even more burning


A Dead Person
Sep 9, 2022
You could also buy a one person pop up tent for a few bucks or even a body bag on Amazon (easier cleanup, take-out/extraction for first responders).

The ideal source would be Liquid Nitrogen. LN2 is cheap, abundant and easily sourceable from your local ice cream supply shop, welding supply shop or chemistry stockroom. Easier to obtain and work with the nitrogen tank, and cheaper at only 3$ bucks a liter. LN2 evaporates from liquid to gas at an expansion rate of 1:700 liquid to gas unit ratio. So only 1L of liquid nitrogen is 700 Liters of Nitrogen gas! 6L of LN2 would only weigh a few pounds and would be enough to displace the entire atmosphere in a large vehicle, or double it's internal pressure.

Car would explode and windows will blow out if you had enough liquid nitrogen in a car as the pressure rapidly increases as it boils off. So all you need is a one person pop up tent, body bag or being in a vehicle or confined space and leave a little vent hole or crack the window open to exhaust out the composite atmospheric air. Because nitrogen will be both colder and heavier than oxygen, it will begin filling up the confined space from the bottom up as it evaporates from liquid to gas. Like filling up a swimming pool from bottom to top, forcing out the air from bottom up.

Nitrogen is extremely dangerous because you won't have any sensation of panic or suffocation since it fails to activate the body's hypercapnic response alarm system. Industrial accidents have occurred where people have passed out in a breath or two in oxygen deficient and nitrogen rich atmospheres. People going into rescue a casualty then become a second, and then a third and then a fourth until enough bodies pile up like lambs going into a slaughterhouse but peacefully expelled into nonexistence.

If you Google online you will find that nitrogen is one of the most peaceful euthanasia deaths which scientists and right to die advocates have observed. People die in a few breaths smiling in peace.

It is legal to purchase possess and use you wish; you don't need any special licenses or regulatory approval. All you need is an approved cryogenic container ($100 on Amazon) and take it to your local welding shop with a liquid nitrogen ice cream recipe printed out and ask them to fill you up for a few bucks - like at the gas station. No questions asked. They're a business, and you're a paying customer.

Please be mindful to leave a note for first responders warning of a HazMat Oxygen Deficient Environment, so people don't die going in rescuing you.

Might as well also put a big Radiation ☢️ Warning Hazard ⚠️ Note as well warning of a gamma or beta particle emission, that that way people will run away if they find you, instead of running to rescue you. Nobody wants to go anywhere near nuclear waste. By the time rescuers are able to get you it'll be five hours too late since they'll have to fly in a special HazMat team to test and clear the area as safe out of an abundance of caution.
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Nitrogen Master Race
May 15, 2022
No regulator? That's why two bottles?
The flow restrictor on those cylinders act as regulator (via reduction of the cross section), was a very common thing back in the day with Helium tanks.
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