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May 4, 2018
Every one on here should invest $1,000 in bitcoin(not a knockoff like ethereum) and then profit, and then use it to contribute to the right to die movement when it is 20x in a few years. The idea is golden. Everyone wants a guaranteed to not inflate, decentralized(not dependent on a government) currency. People in some fucked countries are using it despite it being against the law. Even if it is regulated one person can host a connection to the bitcoin market and be a bitcoin merchant. Yes the big guys will try to force us to convert to a different electronic money but bitcoin will go 20x first. Remember when everyone doubted the internet? Same situation. It is too useful to not explode. Don't buy around the holidays though because it spikes then.


Rest is best
Apr 30, 2018
Bitcoin went from 8k to 21k then back to 8k in a couple months. Its way too volatile to assume it'll keep going up. It's possible it may be criminalized soon and then it'd be worth nothing.