Lady black

Lady black

35 male, central Europe, German speaking
Oct 22, 2018
This sounds like a good bye thread. So I wish you a peaceful death
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Apr 30, 2020
Well, that would be certainly a traumatic experience and I wouldn't like the idea of being "homeless" even if it's just for a day lol
luckily it would be a rare occurrence.

I'm not particularly close to them though.
And they are not particularly close to each other as well lol.
some of them don't talk to me/each other.
It's a bizarre living situation.

This would be a red flag relating to my social life.
but it is what it is I guess.

They have no idea they gonna get kicked out lol.
Living at a friend's/renting a motel will be their handful of option.
I’m sorry your circumstances lead to that funny punchline. I lol’d :shy:

On a serious note I hope your situation improves.
Glad you like my joke.
Fear of being homeless makes me suicidal
Yeah true.
Getting more money in and less money out seems to be the way.

it's not ideal to be on your toes.
I understand why you would feel anxious about it.
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