Jul 5, 2018
I went out to buy cigs, and I usually like to buy a few packs so I don't have to go out all the time, but I come back and I see my neighbor (who's around my age but just recently divorced and she also just moved in with her parents to the house in front of us because of this, but the situation is completely different), and she's the kind of person that looks down on everybody and was raised to be a princess (so was I but was rid of that illusion pretty quickly,) so she's vain af and I just don't like her or talking to her but when she sees you (her mother is the same way) she grabs on and talks for hours and there's no shaking her off. So, I see her walking her dog in the common garden outside and I pretend I don't see her, park the car and go out of my way to avoid her coming in through the backyard and not through the front door. I realize I forgot my cellphone in the car, so I try to sneak out again to get it and she's RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BACKYARD and there's no way to avoid her and I'm trapped waiting for her to leave so I can go out and get my cellphone :/

I know it sounds stupid but I just do not want to deal with her, or anybody for that matter. I know she's going to ask me how I'm doing, if I have a new job (which I don't), and stuff like that and I just don't feel like faking today :( Had to vent!


Mar 20, 2018
This reminds me of:

Final Escape

I’ve been here too long
Jul 8, 2018
My day was brutal too. I got dumped kind of. It was painful and humiliating.
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Jul 9, 2018
I wash my car,neighbour wash his car.I mow my lawn,neighbour mow her lawn.Always competing,everybody rushing around.