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Mi Mi

No One Special
Mar 18, 2024
Well I wasn't fired.

I wasn't even pulled to the side for a discussion as they like to do.

Hoping and praying it will be a easy quiet day. Every time before I get out of my car I talk outloud asking for an easy fast day and for my death to come soon.

Anyway as I started the day a guest came to check out and of course she complained.

In my mind as she spoke I wondered why does everyone complain to the front desk.

Let's be logical here...what does a front desk person do
What can a front desk person do

The duty is to check you in or out...that's really it.
What can I do in the instance of a issue.

Depends on the issue.

They complain about things I can't do or change such as noise..cleanliness..speed of service...room availability according to what they booked.

They don't ask for a supervisor, manager or owner.

They come straight to me and I sit there just repeating oh I'm sorry oh I'm sorry.

But then they go on to say I know it's not your fault or I know you can't do anything about it....and continue to repeat everything they just said.

It takes everything in me not to say well what do you expect from me...or why didn't you leave or did you say anything to anyone else.

For some reason I have this energy or presence that says I'm a person in charge. I look like a supervisor.

But with eyes it's obvious I'm not.

So because my brain functions off logic I wonder are they choosing to complain to me because of the assumption I look as if I can do anything or are they choosing me because they think I'm weak and they are too afraid to actually ask for the point person who could help them.

My whole day spent was person after person complaining to me.
I will say most were very pleasant and nice and so all I could do was take money off their bill.

Most were very happy with that with the exception of 1.

I also told them to write honest reviews and if they want money back for the full stay ask for it.

Now as far as taking money off of bills I was told I could. So with in reason I do.

I don't mention doing reviews in front of any management but if it's just me and the guest I will say so and hope they don't snitch on me.

But also I'm subconsciously trying to get fired.

I figured if I have to endure the torture of this job I might as well have a little fun.
I'm not lying so it's not malicious.

The hotel and staff are so horrible that a potential guest called to get info to stay there because his daughter had to come to my city for surgery. I whispered I'm sorry and I hope it goes well but in such a stressful time I would not recommend staying here.
Check the reviews and research other places.

He thanked me over and over for my honesty.

For sure I could get fired had I been caught but after seeing everything I see and knowing his visit is a stressful one I couldn't pass him on to reservations.

I also wonder though in a time of so many different ways to research reviews how are so many people choosing this hotel.

Beyond the lying pictures and information did they not search reviews.

I wish I had before I worked there but I had no choice.
So when you have no options I get it but when it comes to spending money I would think you have to be particular.

I want to say these things outloud but I'll save that for my positively sure last day.

But I'm definitely over this place and it's definitely going to push me over the edge.

The guest are rude and loud and trashy.
Very needy.
The employees are lazy. I had one try to cuss me out over her check.

I told her come get it and hung up on her after she said Fuck Me.

I actually hoped she was insane and would come there with a gun and pop me first instantly killing me before going on a spreešŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
That's how desperate and morbid I am.
I could be in fear but in the hopes of dying I'll put myself in harms way.

She did come but just as I suspected her energy changed in front of me.
She wasn't gon do shit because she was scared or scared of consequences.
So she was all talk.

But being there definitely reminds me this is not worth anything.

I really try to think maybe I could be homeless until I die because I can't imagine continuing to get up every day to work a job I hate.

They could pay me a million dollars a day and it wouldn't be worth because it eats at your soul.

Your surrounded by people who want to project their misery and entitlement on you.
And want you to take it with a smile.

I'm starting to think I'm not mentally ill but depressed because I'm surrounded by mentally ill people who I can't And won't conform to so therefore I pay the consequences.

Every day that I wake up I think I can't believe this is my life and my final days.

I'm constantly anxious and angry because I can't help but think why is this happening to me.

As much as I tell you guys it's not your fault and not to do that to yourself I still ask what did I do to deserve this.

How much more do I have to take.

Don't I finally deserve freedom.

I got up this morning and practiced with my opened SN.
Practiced measuring and mixing.
I didn't test it right but I do think playing with it got me comfortable to how that day will go.

I'm fasting today and tomorrow to get used to it.

I wanted to post on the partner thread but it said I couldn't yet.

I'll try later I guess.

But I'm looking for help and to help someone.

PM for details
Give me time to respond because I don't always check my phone when working.
Serious only and I'd like you to be over 35. I also prefer a woman.

This is not guaranteed as I'm sure you could understand my hesitation.

But if Serious and solid this could help you as much as me.
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I knew I forgot to do something when I was 15...
Mar 26, 2024
Yay? for not being fired. I know you were worried about losing your job, but also sounds like you're not excited about keeping it either. That's awesome that you're secretly really honest to customers when you can be. I have definitely done this before in previous jobs and in my current one. I don't want to fool anybody into thinking that corporations are some great thing when, let's be honest, they all suck.

Can relate on working a soul sucking job. I worked fast food for nine years and now I work in a science lab where politics and ego are definitely far above doing good research.
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