hey life! đź–• đź–• right back at ya!
Jul 1, 2020
i basically raised him....and this is the message i just received:

i was not trying to push you a way if thats what you were thinking i just havent had a sister in so long

youre my little dude.....i dont want to lose you, i cant lose you. you 2 are one of the very few things keeping me alive.....please....i still love you with all of my heart...remember, i told you i had to grow 2 whole new hearts to hold all my love for you? please dont leave me...

i fucking hate "their" parents, the god damn fucking cocksuckers deserve to be 600000 ft under. forget the 6ft, ill drop them straight in hell!!!

( The distance to the center of the Earth is 6,371 kilometers (3,958 mi)....thank god i dont actually have to dig a hole that big, however thats a lot closer to a lot of heat then id like to be. Scientists have determined the temperature near the Earth's centre to be 6000 degrees Celsius (10832 F))

edit: rereading it i should clarify, i have 2 brothers and i grew a heart for each of them but its only the eldest i talk to because the other is too young (they both are but bad parenting ugh)
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