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How've you been?
Sep 9, 2023
If you could choose one person, and assuming they wouldn't stop you in any way, who would you want to choose and what would you say? Would you want to talk somewhere specific? Immediately after the conversation, you go on with your method uninterrupted.

I'd really want to talk to my ex one last time. I want to be reminded of our happy times together. I want to remind her that we were happy together. I don't want her to remember me as the mess I'm going to leave. I want her to remember me as an actual person who was once happy and functional.
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Jul 8, 2023
Knowing that I would soon be dead and nothing would matterr to me after that, I wouldn't waste my energy to talk to anyone.
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Sep 9, 2023
I'd definitely want to talk to someone about the act of suicide itself, and what will come after for them. It's hard to say tho, I'd like a philosophical conversation, so it has to be someone who thinks, and it would feel nice if they can understand it. Really, I think I'd like to have a one on one talk face to face with someone from this website. I haven't met someone specific that fits the description, but I think if that person exists, they'd be here.


She wished that she never existed...
Sep 24, 2020
In my case there’s no conversation I really wish to or need to have, I just wish to fall into an eternal and dreamless sleep where all is forgotten about, words are so empty and meaningless to me anyway.


I told you.
Jul 10, 2023
There is no specific conversation that i’d like to have or anything that i’d like to say to someone. After death, there is nothingness, like a dreamless sleep. You don’t exist anymore nor do your wasted efforts mean anything at that point. Nothing is of your concern. I personally don’t find any point in wasting the energy of talking to someone.

On the other hand, maybe my last “conversation” which would be one sided would be a delayed message to all of my contacts showing my setup and explaining my choice. OR, I would say “GOODBYE!” to them but I’d rather write something like that on a note, not say it directly to someone.


I don’t feel pain when I’m with you • she/her
Sep 9, 2023
My ex best friend, I think. Closest I ever got to loving someone. Then my mental health ruined our friendship.

I want her to hold me in her arms again. I want to remember the way she smells, the way she talks. I want to tell her how much being with her meant to me. That I was in relationships with people, but it never felt quite right. Tell her that she’s a good human being, and I wish her well.

It’s been two years since we last talked. We’re extremely different people now, probably. But I still dream about her sometimes.
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