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Severely mentally disabled.
Jun 21, 2024
I switched from duloxetine to venlafaxine that even has more side effects.


May 24, 2024
Seems to be the latest trend. I'm in severe physical pain, but since no one wanted to actually listen and solve my problem, they all thought pumping me full of antidepressants was such a better idea, despite me telling them they don't do s$%t for me. I was basically blackmailed to take them. Didn't do s34t as I knew they wouldn't, stopped cold turkey the day the doctor told me there was no hope for me. Withdrawal? Difference in mood? None. I still kept trying to find a solution and accepted taking them again. Same thing. Nothing and nothing. Stopped cold turkey again and still nothing.

Antidepressants don't work at all with me, never have, but now even less because there are no chemicals in this world that'll me forget my life is coming to an end due to incompetence and not giving a damn of so many so called doctors. But that's me, some people react to them just fine. I still think it's just placebo effect.
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Eats, Shoots, and Leaves
Jun 30, 2024
I've been taking duloxetine (aka Cymbalta) for years (I don't remember when I started it. It wasn't my first antidepressant). In the US, most insurance companies will make you take generic duloxetine, and my doctor is adamant that some places that make it, make crappy pills that don't work. So he puts on the prescription that it should come from a pharmaceutical company named Actavis, I have to make a special trip to a pharmacy that gets it from Actavis.

If I don't take it I can tell. I feel more "down" during the day.

I take the max dose (120mg) every day. One time the doctor told me to try taking twice that amount, but it sort of overloaded my brain so I couldn't think clearly. One of those sensations that you can't quite describe to people who haven't felt it.

You'd probably have to take a lot of it in order to OD (you can search online for information on what constitutes a lethal dose). Probably more than they'd give you at one time. And then you get found, and they transport you to the hospital and pump your stomach, and there you are. YMMV