Apr 25, 2018
there a was a girl from sweden that posted here about wanting a suicide partner, someone who was 100% and wouldnt back out last minute. i was that guy. we made plans to go to beachy head together, we've been talking for 2 weeks over the phone up until last night when she blocked my number without any particular reason. now i cant get a hold of her. gone, without a trace. did she find aother partner? or did someone interfere? i just hope i dont see any news about any bodies on beachy head these following days.

this is the worst feeling ever, i was so confident in jumping when i had a partner, now its all fucked. bah.. guess ill just go hang myself in the woods now, which is what i wanted to avoid.
El Topo

El Topo

Apr 21, 2018
Sorry to hear about what happened, Cancerkid. But I'm not surprised.

I think suicide partnerships can only work if it's someone you already know in real life or someone you've known online for a long time, like for a few years. Otherwise there are too many ways for it to get messed up.


Jun 13, 2018
I think I may have been talking to the same person. She just disappeared. Though that isn't uncommon, it is disappointing.