Aug 24, 2020
I've been feeling good lately, I haven't felt this way in months, but I live in a very compact house and this is making it difficult for me. My family is good in some ways, but in others they are extremely toxic ... they are not letting me be alone for a second, especially after they saw that I was one with 'happier' behavior recently (they think I am I’m 100% fine, but that’s not true). You must be thinking that I'm being boring or selfish, but nowadays they are acting extremely toxic ... if I stay a second doing something different, they start to conspire a lot against me. I'm trying to do my best to deal with the insane anxiety I've been experiencing (and I'm still dealing with mine), changing some habits and trying to do some procedures that make me feel a little better, but my own parents are making me worse for some.

I am not having a reaction ... I do not know what to do, I am not even having time for myself ... every day I am afraid that something bad will happen, after all everything is cause for problems in my house

sorry if everything i wanted to say got a little confused, i am very frustrated with what is happening to me