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Wish for peace
Jul 6, 2023
Currently I’m thinking of combining SN and CO which there is no documentation on. It could be helpful to others that need to leave as well and comforting to me hearing from people in what could be my last moments. Many people are going through hellish and unresolvable pains, so I want to share that kind of information. Sourcing SN is the hardest part but I’ve also found it frustrating getting info especially on the charcoal method as details like how long to burn the charcoal, how to seal the area and with what materials are not extensively discussed or don’t have a consensus. One thread I’ve revisited often was by another user who somewhat documented their own attempt.
I’m still researching, finding and gathering materials right now but hope to attempt in November.
If I do make a thread, I’ll write out the steps that I take and make updates for as long as I can, and of course report back if I do fail—though I hope on everything that I succeed.
I’m not a very social person even on here so I don’t have a presence and am bad at for example writing cathartic things, maybe this could be a good way of giving back to the community. Everyone here is wonderful, I haven’t had a single bad encounter, it makes me sad how many great people are being treated terribly by life. I wish the best for everyone.
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She wished that she never existed...
Sep 24, 2020
I wish you the best of luck with your plans, I hope that you eventually find what you are searching for.