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Bad english, didn't go to school sorry
May 14, 2023
23 italy male


This life has been more than enough for me 😂
Aug 6, 2023


Aug 4, 2023
55 - hoping I won't be around much longer. I still don't know how I got to 55 due to living a lifestyle that should have killed me 35 years ago.
When I was 15 I wanted to be dead by 25, then 35, then 45 but now is the right time. I have several methods in mind, all very simple but proven effective, will likely choose the simplest, cheapest most likely to succeed to CTB
I'm really looking forward to my final adventure.
So glad to have found this site, so educative and often laugh out loud at some of the very funny comments in the midst of much sadness
Dead Already

Dead Already

Jul 14, 2023
So much youth here.
It is truly heartbreaking to see that it only takes about 20 years on average to just suck the soul out of a human being now.
Wish I could wave a magic wand and give all of you some kind of peace.
For what it's worth, seeing all of these stories and open communication is getting me through these last dark days.
Thank you all for your candor and the courage to speak openly.


I'm not a maybe, I'm the one
Jul 31, 2020
20, wanting to die since I was 12


Aug 8, 2022
22 lol but during verry hard autism my life started when i was 22 im sleeped 21years lmao

Marcus Wright

Dec 20, 2021
The modern world is too blame. Bring back no mobile phones. No technology. 4 TV channels. Times were so much simpler in the 80s.
Maybe it was better,… for certain groups of people in some countries during that time. I would have been able to ctb during my teens if I was alive in the 1980s 💀