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Jun 7, 2018
More detailed information regarding the effects of hanging came from a self-experimenter by the name of Minovici. With a 5 kg (11 lbs.) pull on the ligature, loss of consciousness was rapid for him. When he leaned on the rope (incomplete suspension), within 5-6 seconds the following occurred: his eyes blurred, he heard whistling, and his face turned red-violet. With the knot on the side instead of the back of the neck, these effects took 8-9 seconds to appear.[5]

When he tried complete suspension (hanging, not strangulation), as soon as he left the ground, he couldn't breathe or hear his assistant. He experienced such severe pain that he immediately stopped the test. Within 10 minutes, many small hemorrhages could be seen near the site of the rope; these remained visible for 8-11 days. For 10-12 days later he had watering eyes, trouble swallowing, and a sore throat.[6]

found here

Doesnt that scare the *** of anyone? Imagine trying to explain those symptoms to people.


May 30, 2018
I failed a partial suspension once and had similar symptoms. i covered my neck with a sweater and claimed i had a bad cold for the other problems. nobody suspected anything.
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