Nov 13, 2020
I've been practicing. I'm using a dog leash tied in a slip knot attached to a wardrobe rod. I usually set a timer and see how long I can go. I can't tell if i'm doing it "right" Am I supposed to get the exploding head feeling? How well should I be able to breathe? I can't breathe very well when I do it, but I am able to slightly inhale and exhale, although it is loud and slow. How long should it take before I pass out? Anything else I should know? I've done a lot of research on it, and I know how to do it- I'm just still worried that I'm not doing it right and I want to know how I can know i'm truly doing it right.
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Dec 7, 2020
I have the same issues with partial. I can't breathe well, I get slightly dizzy but I do not black out. I keep reading that when the carotid arteries are successfully closed we are supposed to black out within seconds. I don't black out, I try a lot of different positions on the neck, I am assuming I'm not putting enough sudden pressure for this to work. TLDR I have read the exploding head feeling is not supposed to happen when done correctly, we should black out instead. I feel like the only people who tend to do this right are no longer here to confirm though as they passed out and either passed away or had permanent brain damage from being found too quickly. I have seen the video where there is a lady who does this and she almost immediately begins to convulse and then is rescued by others helping to film ( the anti choking game YT video) but I have not been able to have this happen at all and I almost wonder if it is real.


Nov 25, 2020
Im in the same boat i get that head exploding feeling and I back out