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I'm just a person
Feb 23, 2022
I don't know how to start this but lately I've been feeling a little will to live, but everything is overshadowed by my thoughts and I really feel alone in this.Every time I try to ask for help I feel ignored or my mental health is simply worse, I don't know what to do, I just want to improve and be heard.


Sep 12, 2023
I don't think I have much help to offer, but I can relate to feeling alone and being buried in my thoughts. It's not hard for me to be busy at work, and start getting in my head about how bleak my future looks, and how isolating my life is.

Do you know why you've been feeling more of a will to live? I think a good step for recovery is to figure out why you want to live, and why you want to continue struggling when life is painful
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