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death will be my ultimate bliss
Oct 29, 2023
No, I never met anybody who I get along with very well
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머리 아프다
Sep 13, 2023
Yeah, I got along really well with my crush until he just stopped talking to me one day. We we would talk in Instagram DMs. I wish that I had talked to him in high school and that I had been his irl friend, but I was too shy to talk to him back then 😅
No, I never met anybody who I get along with very well
The only person who I got along very well with was my crush. Maybe you'll also find someone one day
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Disqualified From Being Human
Aug 10, 2023
It's happened before but it never lasts. Other people are never as interested in me as I am in them. I've also never had more than 1 or 2 real friends at any point in my life, which means I'm always the lonlier, needier person. I'm painfully conscious of that so when I start drifting apart from another person, I don't try to hang on. I don't want to appear needy and pathetic while they're getting on with life and forgetting about me as they should.


Nov 15, 2021
Yes, they had BPD and I had BPD so we naturally gravitated towards one another and when we got to know each other we also clicked well. But during some depressive episode they and I both went through we drifted apart and stopped talking altogether. I don't know how to connect to people who are not similar to me in personality, so I never found another friend like them.