Nov 16, 2019
Does anybody else do this? I remember as a kid hearing my dad doing it and being frightened / concerned that something was wrong. Now I do it. Its whenever I have embarrassing thoughts about the past. (I HAVE LOTS)

THe grunts seem to be getting louder and more intense....Sometimes I will just rage yell really loud when I'm driving. Fucking weird right?
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The fire has gone out for good.
Nov 19, 2020
Yeah... I do that too. Especially when I get so stressed. It kinda helps alleviate the stress but it does look weird. It's hard to stop when you've been doing it for a long time. Sometimes i catch myself doing it publicly, makes me so embarrassed.

You may want to look up tic disorders btw. We might fall in one of those. It's probably not as severe as Tourette's, but its worth checking out.
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