If I am no good , then let me out
Jun 30, 2019
That is what my grand father and a few other people have said to me when I told them I just need to go

That I am weak

They miss the point . I just am not interested in the world as it is , certain emotions and nastiness that is associated with it and enough mental health issues has destroyed me to the point of no cure . Being strong enough for the world has nothing to do with it

They could call me weak if I actually wanted to eb a part of the world , but was too scared or nervous to try any thing .... but what is happening with me is not weak ness


Sep 16, 2020
Elderly are terrible for these cliche patronising statements
"suicide is the cowards way out, it's for people who don't want to deal with their problems.... NOW Will you empty my bag?"
"life's precious.... TURN ME PLEASE"


Aug 5, 2019
I'm sorry you've had to hear that from them. We know that's not true because we've been through it, it takes so much strength to be able to go through with it, they will never truly understand that.
I get you on the being too weak and not interested in the world bit, I'd rather just not exist thanks


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Nov 10, 2020
That's just disgusting yet that's something we have to hear a lot, and I am so sorry that you also have had to deal with this kind of negativity.

People always tell others to not compare one's happiness to another's to live a good life, yet they go on to ignorantly compare one's sufferings to someone else's and use that as some sorts of measurement for strength and weakness. Each person has a different level of durability, and they just don't seem to understand that.

Please remember that your sufferings are valid and your best is good enough! Sending you virtual hugs! :hug:


May 27, 2020
Every human has a breaking point, and when you have reached that point you just cannot go on any further; no amount of overused motivational quotes or stigmatizing phrases will change that. People talk about others that are weak like they are a different race, as if you have those that are infinitely strong with no vulnerabilities and then those who are the opposite. In reality no one is perfect and we are all weak, because we all have weaknesses.

Also it is interesting how your grand father is against what he perceives as giving up considering that he is old. If it was not for the advances in modern medical science it is likely that his body would have physically "given up" a long time ago, and there would not be many elderly people like him living.


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May 29, 2020
Elderly are terrible for these cliche patronising statements
"suicide is the cowards way out, it's for people who don't want to deal with their problems.... NOW Will you empty my bag?"
"life's precious.... TURN ME PLEASE"
I laughed out loud at this
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Jul 15, 2020
That’s horrible, sorry you had to hear that but I’m sure you know he’s wrong anyways..I’ve been told the same thing too, it’s so annoying. It’s not like I got to choose if I want life or not, it’s not my fault I’m here and trying to get rid of myself
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Apr 5, 2018
"If want to do X, then you're weak" is such a shitty argument imo. At least because it works both ways. If you want to die then you're weak because you don't want to deal with life's challenges. If you don't want to die, you're weak because you get dominated by your survival instinct/biological urges.
If you're getting bullied and you don't fight back, then you're weak because you allow others to hurt you. If you're getting bullied and you fight back, then you're weak because you can't tolerate the pain, stand the heat, not tough enough to take the hit, too impulsive or whatever.

Pretty much any act or intention can be framed both as a strength and as a weakness. If the argument works both sides, then it doesn't support either of them, which means it's not a good argument. And even if it was, there is an implication "you should stop being weak by not doing/wanting to do X". Without such implication, the argument loses its convincing power and thus stops being a good argument. But then the questions rise: Is it a good thing for me to be weak? To what extent I should strive not to be weak? Should I trust unconditionally in the arguer's assessment that doing certain things is a sign of weakness? And such, and such. It's much easier to work with the implicit side of the argument being drawn out to the light.


Jul 14, 2020
The obverse implication is that anyone who wants to live is 'strong'. In fact, wanting to continue living is biological inertia, it's the natural state of living organisms, there is nothing 'strong' about it, unless a person wants to continue living even under exceptional conditions of extreme stress.

Just because the vast majority of humans want to live, and don't entertain suicide as a viable option, doesn't mean that they're somehow strong and courageous.
They are either lucky, ignorant, or egotistical (i.e. because they want to continue feeding their desires and ego, and the only way to do that is to keep on living).
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Jun 1, 2020
Honestoy who cares if it's weak anyway? You should turn around and call him weak for not being understanding and supportive. Hope you're ok.