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Aug 18, 2020
I considered to google translate the whole 29 page official document. Honestly reading that bullshit makes acute suicidal though. It is a bunch of virtue signaling of these hypocrites who don't give a fuck about vulnerable people. As the whole society itself. The news shows all report about it. "Please if you are suicidal reach out." This is so fucking cynical if you are as ill as me who was given by multiple therapists.

Here is the full strategy available as PDF on German.

I will translate an article of German public broadcast (with a translator) I think it sums up the strategy quite well.

Strategy against suicides
More precautions should reduce the number of suicide

Every year more than 9,000 people in Germany take their own lives. With the National Suicide Prevention Strategy, the federal government wants to try to reduce the number. Among other things, advisory services should be strengthened. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has presented the federal government's national suicide prevention strategy. The SPD politician is thus complying with a request from the Bundestag. Among other things, a nationwide coordination center for advice and cooperation offers, a central Germany-wide crisis service emergency number and training for healthcare and nursing professionals are to be created. Research into suicide attempts and suicides should also be expanded. The strategy is based, among other things, on recommendations from science, politics and advice centers.

Restrict access to certain locations. In addition, the minister advocates "method-limiting" measures, i.e. restricting access to means and places for a suicide attempt, including railway tracks, bridges or high-rise buildings. The establishment of a pseudonymized suicide register should also be examined - among other things, to make it easier to identify risk groups.

Lauterbach: Better bundle offers of help

Lauterbach explained that society should not be indifferent to the fate of those affected, their relatives and support staff. "We have to overcome the social taboo surrounding death and suicide, free mental illnesses from their stigma and better bundle offers of help."Every year more than 9,000 people take their own lives in Germany; That is more deaths than from traffic accidents, murder and manslaughter and illegal drugs combined. In 2022, this number climbed to over 10,000 suicides for the first time. More than 100,000 people attempt suicide every year.

Euthanasia Ethics Council emphasizes importance of free will The Ethics Council emphasizes the importance of free will more when it comes to euthanasia 20 million euros are needed Last July, the Bundestag decided with an overwhelming majority that the federal government should present a prevention concept by the end of January and a suicide prevention law by the end of June. The National Suicide Prevention Program and the German Academy for Suicide Prevention also called for more efforts to prevent suicide in Germany last fall. Federal funding of at least 20 million euros is needed. Existing low-threshold help offers such as telephone counseling or the online suicide prevention program for young people "U25" are overloaded, say the experts

My opinion:

To be honest after reading this article I am even way more angry than before. They make it so fucking easy to expose them as the hyprocites they are. Fucking 20 million Euros. That's a fucking joke. That's such an insult of severely persisting suicidal people. This is like spitting in my face literally. Germany has an annual budget of 476 billion Euros 2024. And they spend 20 million on better suicide prevention? And in the news they say it is unclear whether these new projects will really be sustainable because the financial funding could not be agreed on longterm. Really I am speechless. All this fuss about fucking 20 million. That's 0.0004% of the annual budget. Honestly am I oversensitive or isn't this sort of offensive? And in public they sell it as new improved master plan to prevent suicides. These measures are so ridiculous. They create more or less the same suicide hotline just with a shorter number. What sort of sick joke is that?

This all happens while almost all parties and almost all news outlets agitate against unemployed people. And they are all very well aware that poverty is often a key factor in suicides. And all the cynical coverage on the new assisted suicide laws where the elites act unconstitutionally (in my point of view) due to the fact they ignore the highest court judgement.

They make me so fucking sick. These hypocrites. Feel ashamed when people like me and so many others commit suicide because you only offered some peanuts. You are responsible for that. You are the root of the problem.
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Don’t try to offer me help, I’ve tried everything
Mar 10, 2020
Societies starting to prioritize suicide-proofing as their main method of suicide prevention is so dystopian. It's a truly disturbing sci-fi reality. Take away people's liberty but don't truly improve access to mental healthcare, physical healthcare, financial resources, etc. "No, we won't help you with why you want to die so you won't commit suicide, but we'll take away options for you to take yourself out so you can continue to live in helpless misery". Suicide proofing is such a bandaid form of suicide prevention. If you want to solve the suicide problem, solve the problems making people suicidal.
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silence ends

Jan 10, 2023
These people are really insane.

Euthanasia - self made if no other options available is humane and act of love.
Must be totally incapable to feel any kind of empathy if one wants to force other to suffer by any means.
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Jul 23, 2022
Those are actually pretty good (you know what sense that's meant in) stats for a large country like Germany.

They should think about what's behind the rise and address those rather than blocking the exit doors.
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Mar 11, 2019
This whole telling us to relax thing I'd condescending


Doesn't read PMs
May 20, 2021
If a government cared they would level up funding in suicide prevention by a factor of 10x.

Increase funding in training more mental health workers, force the big pharmaceutical companies to invest in research and open more mental health units.

Governments don't care, they just want to make it seem like they do.

When you can order stuff to kill yourself with same day delivery, but wait 9 months to see a mental health service, tells you everything you need to know about that Governments think of those of us with suicidal thoughts.
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the night will be eternal
Feb 2, 2024
Societies starting to prioritize suicide-proofing as their main method of suicide prevention is so dystopian. It's a truly disturbing sci-fi reality. Take away people's liberty but don't truly improve access to mental healthcare, physical healthcare, financial resources, etc. "No, we won't help you with why you want to die so you won't commit suicide, but we'll take away options for you to take yourself out so you can continue to live in helpless misery". Suicide proofing is such a bandaid form of suicide prevention. If you want to solve the suicide problem, solve the problems making people suicidal.
There is a subreddit called
While the people on there might not agree, I say this is exactly the kind of thing for the subreddit.


It's impossible to lose it all and still be alive
Jun 17, 2022
"sowie das Monitoring von Suizidversuchen und Suiziden ausbauen."

Somehow if you wanna keep forcing people to live against their will just say so and don't try to frame it as something else.
I really thought the current government would be more sensible regarding stuff like this, turns out it's just the same stupid things like in 16 years with CDU. I'm curious if they'll finally manage to pass a new euthanasia law that aligns with the BGH ruling like they said they'd do for the past 4 years.
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When I deserve it the least, I need love the most.
Mar 29, 2024
This bullshit about awareness, networking, crisis interventions
I, uh ...
Yeah ... who's gonna do all this superbly thought out, fine work, then? I see so so so so so many people who don't get the help they need, and to get that help in time, even more impossible.
Most psychotherapists don't have free slots. Those who may have some aren't covered by insurance. There aren't enough psychiatrists, so it's not that easy to get an appointment in time. I see many deteriorating over time, also because of other external factors that aren't being addressed either. If you have chronic mental health issues, at some point you're just fucked because they don't really know what to do with you anymore. Who is gonna fill all those spaces of missing mental health professionals? There's a dire shortage in nurses/care workers coming up, and they can't even seems to address that effectively. Where are they gonna pull therapists and psychiatrists from? When/how are they gonna address living conditions that ruin life quality to the point that you don't wanna go on? How are they gonna make spaces for more "edge" therapy options, that may be the last resort for chronically ill people, but aren't available enough? I'm not gonna go into how inadequate the treatment can be as well, bc the professionals aren't always so professional.
Crisis interventions is all fine and good, and is needed. But how often could that fucking crisis be averted in the first point if you attacked the problems far earlier by the roots? That would need too many resources, they just can't do it. This shit is more like treating symptoms, like so often. Don't treat the fucking symptoms, look that they don't arise in the first point, for god's sake. And if they arise, make sure there are actually enough professionals to deal with it. That networking and crisis shit and awareness cuteness, who do u wanna network with if there aren't enough professionals?
Method restricting, sure that will get the suicides down, yeah. But that's symptom treatment - again. Sure, many are transient crises, and it's effective. But what about the fucking rest who will keep living, in misery, bc there's no help? They aren't enough in numbers to be relevant? Too many resources needed for small numbers of people, not cost-benefit-efficient? Don't see the problem? Can't come up with strategies? Too difficult? What is it?

I'm sorry about that. I know it's only a small part of the truth and there are good points. But my personal feelings are getting in the way today. Usually I read, think and don't post, because well what does it change, and I only see such a small part, I'm not knowledgeable nor intelligent enough to grasp the full thing. But some days I just burst out bc I'm just desperate myself. Can't always suppress it.
But well, I don't think we as a society can be able to solve this anytime soon, it's just too much, we aren't equipped for it as humans at this point. Maybe the majority isn't affected enough for it to be relevant, or we aren't loud enough yet, or idk. I don't see it happening, really. And here it goes, before I just delete all that useless stuff which doesn't change anything or help anyone, it's just personal venting and again I'm sorry about that. My mind goes on but it all always ends in the same spot for me nowadays. I don't wanna care anymore bc why.
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Not Waving But Browned Off….
Sep 27, 2023
I don't want suicide 'prevention', I want to be enabled and empowered. I want suicide enablement. To be able to end my human suffering as I see fit.
Don't 'prevent' me from doing anything. I'm not a dog pissing on your rose bed.
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