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forced to live and forced to die at the same time
May 31, 2023
is it REALLY legal in your country to criticize government and its actions? because here in russia if i dare to say something anti-war i'll get my ass in jail for a long time despite a goddamn constitution allows me to express my opinions freely. but our lovely government just doesn't give a flying fuck.
i heard us is being well-known for its absolute freedom of speech, is it actually true?
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Dec 13, 2021
US has changed. Look at the Twitter and Facebook Files; the current US administration was telling social media companies to take posts off the Internet or else. If it's not the government, the culture has gone from tolerant to cancelling anyone who thinks differently. It's oppressive.


I don't want to get used to it.
Aug 11, 2023
The US has always only had the illusion of free speech. Since people can openly criticize politicians and vent their frustrations, they can be kept relatively tame.

But saying anything that the government perceives as actually dangerous has always been a fast ticket to being quietly taken care of. It's been brought more to the forefront in the collective consciousness recently with the advent of truly mass social media platforms and the difficulty of suppressing information leakage but it's always been like that. People just aren't used to it being openly known.

Don't be fooled by the people crying about free speech being under attack - it's mostly a "gotcha" talking point to fan outrage and garner political support. Cancel culture is very real and often toxic but has very little to do with government institutions. Free speech has never been about cultural suppression of ideas but the idea that the government cannot censure you. If you run into a crowd of people and insult all of them at once, you should expect to be attacked regardless of any governmental guarantee of free speech.


Jul 23, 2023
I think free speech is a disgusting idea.
How dare people have rights and opinions.
I love being a yes man, it makes me strong and sexy.
We're all better singing from the same hymn sheet thanks.